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Dec 29, 2013 10:51 PM

pierogies frozen to wax paper

I rolled my dough and stuffed my pierogies today for new years eve. I studied stacked them on wax paper in the freezer. II left them in the freezer too long before dropping them in a freezer bag, so now some are frozen to the wax paper. Can i just let them thaw, or are the ruined?

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  1. let them thaw a bit, or drop them in the simmering water. the paper will peel right off.

    When the dough of two dumplings or raviolis stick, I give them 30 second zaps in the microwave and it softens them up enough to peel apart without breaking the skins.

    1. For me, I;d toss those that are frozen to the paper into the refridgerator for a while or long enough for the outer skins to thaw enough to remove it and then refreeze.

      Thawing that way is slow enough that the outer portion of an item thaws first slowly while leaving the most inner parts still frozen. Less cell disruption and problems with double-freezing/freeze-thaw cycle.

      Then just refreeze as usualy sans paper.