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Dec 29, 2013 10:50 PM

Now that the holiday season gluttony is (almost) over ......

What are some of the simpler, lower-cal'd (maybe) no-fuss foods you are looking forward to get back to ?

For me .....

- simple grilled sandwiches and soups;
- stuffed baked potatoes;
- fried rice;
- noodles in soup (ie: udon with seafood);
- bouillabaisse;
- cornbreads, corn muffins;
- simple pastas such as pappardelle, rigatoni, conchiglie and ravioli;
- omelettes;
- corned beef hash, or just any thing with shoestring hash browns

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  1. Lighter soups - had pho yesterday and cooked up a big pot of (bastardized) sundubu jjigae for breakfast/lunch today.

    Lots of veggies.

    Fruit and kefir.

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    1. re: tcamp

      I got a six-pack of organic chicken broth today at Costco. Will use it as a base for richer soups and stir-fries. Lower fat, we must eat with lower fat/high flavor, and with more vegetation, be it fruit or vegetable. Gods, I'm so tired of sweets and gutbombs (probably won't last THAT long, however).

      1. re: EWSflash

        I threw away a bag of holiday sweets and brought another bag's worth to work to put out next week. My family will howl once they realize.

    2. It is citrus season down here. Will be searching the books at the library.

      I ate off of my Christmas ham for 8 days. No smoked products for a month.

      Still mid 70s, so I am still awaiting soup and stew weather.

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      1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

        made my own mojo with some of the citrus for Cuban roast pork for tomorrow night -- that'll be simple -- roast pork sandwiches and a veggie tray.

        Tonight was baked chicken and white was nice to have something really simple and reasonably healthy.

        The French call it a "crise de foie" -- literally a liver crisis; not a bender, but that state where your body begins to rebel at consuming too much of too much.

      2. I loaded my fridge with calorie free konnyaku so I could fill up on sukiyaki, oden and other simple one pot meals after the holidays. We'll probably also do a lot more tofu in Szechuanese and Korean iterations, as well as homemade sauerkraut and sausage.

        1. Dunno. We just don't go overboard with things over the holidays -- no cookie comas or fat frenzies to recover from, really.

          Less expensive stuff than jumbo lump crab, whole sides of salmon and duck, that's for sure.

          But then your list doesn't appear to be low-cal for the most part '-)

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          1. re: linguafood

            I agree with the last part :) I just like getting back into a pattern and actually as I get older I seem to stray away from all the loaded foods of my youth and gravitate to just elevated versions of usual meals or more expensive cuts of meat etc. It suits me better these days.

          2. It's not over for me...I'm on vacatio next week so I'm "allowing" myself another week but even at this point I'm ready to get back to usual. In between the holidays, I always revert back to my usual favorites, lower calorie but I also relaly love them - roasted chicken and turkey, loads of salads and fruit and yogurt. Last week at work actually I happened upon a leftover pile of iceberg lettuce and literally couldn't stop eating it - it was like the best thing ever! I can only do high calorie indulgence for a few days before a need a break and then after the holiday weeks/months I need a few months off so I like that the holidays are all clustered together. I have a ton of stock also from roasts so look forward to many soups.