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Dec 29, 2013 10:22 PM

" Sichuan Marinated Pig's Ear " from BSRJ - Candidate for the most intensely flavourful Chinese dish of 2013.

After our 'mild flavored' Cantonese dinner at Dragon Boat Fusion Chinese, our foodie group decided to kick things up a notch by having some spicy food and a beer or two at ' Ba Shu Ren Ja '.

We ordered the following:

- Sichuan Marinate Pig's Ear
- ' Husband and Wife Lung Slices' ( marinated spicy beef tripe, brisket and innards )
- Spicy crispy chicken wings with potatoes.

Accolade has to go to the intriguing and intensely flavored Pig's Ear dish. The combination of spices, chillies, chilli oil, soya sauce, Sichuan pepper corn, scallions...etc together created an amazingly tasty dish. Nice to experience a seldom found 'wow' dish.

The other two dishes were also pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately, in the presence of the pig's ear, they were forced to play second fiddle!

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  1. Chinese traditional buns also does a great rendition of this pig ear dish. For anyone lacking a car.