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Dec 29, 2013 09:49 PM

" Dragon Boat Fusion Chinese " - May be the BEST of the new bunch?!!

As I eluded to previously, a whole bunch of new Chinese dining establishments have recently sprung up in the Richmond Hill/Markham area.They included but not limited to Richlane, Dragon King, Skyview, Paramount...etc. Most, if not all were either mediocre or inconsistent in quality.

Dragon Boat is not new!! It has been in its Beaver Creek location for years. However, due to its recent renovation and management/chef changes, I will treat it as a new entity!

Tonight, a group of 6 serious foodies made Dragon Boat Fusion the first of two or three dining destinations. ( Our planned eating itinerary to include a Cantonese Meal, a spicy Northern Meal, a Chinese Ramen joint and may be a dessert House ).

Totally renovated, the front of house is now more open, roomy and modernistic. Flooring and Carpets are less 'sticky' too! Ha!

We ordered the following dishes:

- Roasted Suckling Piglet paired with Marinated Jellied Fish.

- Peking Duck 2 ways ( Skin & Pancake wrap, Stirred fry diced meat and lettuce pouches ).

- Stirred fry Black Angus steak cubes with Asparagus, Black pepper Teriyaki Glaze and Candied Walnuts.

- White Asparagus and Sauteed Pea Shoot with fresh crab meat and egg white topping.

- Dragon Boat House Special Seafood Fried Rice.

Overall, food quality was of a very high standard.

The 'Funky' and 'Shawarma like' presentation of the Peking Duck and its condiments was gimmicky but FUN!! Yes! In addition to the traditional few, the condiments also did include some really unconventional additions like Marsh Mallow, Cherry Tomatoes, Strawberries, Grapes, Raisins and Cantaloupe strips....etc????? The crispy thin skin and chewy pancakes were both very well executed.

Unlike a lot of other eating establishments, the Angus Beef Cubes was cooked au-naturelle without the use of tenderizer marinade.The pronounced peppery taste of the nicely caramelized morsels was quite delicious. However, those crunchy Candied Sesame Walnuts were even better!

Winner of the evening has to be those Roasted Suckling Piglet! The skin was super crispy, crunchy yet ultra light and airy! A rarity in Toronto.

Unfortunately, the evening's dishes was spoiled by the shockingly 'Bland and Tasteless' Asparagus and Pea-Shoot vegetable dish. We all swear the chef must have been distracted and totally forgot to add any salt and seasoning to the ingredients!

Since the house was packed, with patrons waiting at the entrance, service was chaotic and almost non-exisistance! Considering the madness, we were surprised to find the kitchen still manages to churn out high quality and well executed dishes! A true reflection of the kitchen's caliber?!

Any one compiling a list of 'Go-To' Chinese places north of the GTA, Dragon Boat has to be added onto the list!

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  1. That suckling pig does look yummy! I may have to make a trip out. Curious though, that the restaurant is called fusion? Apart from the marshmallow (not even sure if I can do that to nice roasted duck skin!) it seems pretty traditional Chinese.

    1. I went today for Dim Sum and thought the food was very good to excellent. The chef did incorporate a few twists that I enjoyed including anise flavoured cold beans as an accompaniment to their version of char sui and I detected notes of cinnamon in the deep fried pork dumpling. Consensus on the table was the har gow, beef short ribs, beef shank w/ seaweed (served cold), pumpkin/spinach dumpling were all good. The only "miss" was the spicy salted bean curd. I was also particularly impressed how "light" the deep fried items were; absent residual oil.

      If this was the worst dim sum meal for 2014 I will be eating very well.

      The only "misses" were the

      1. Charles, if you don't mind me asking, how much was the meal for 6?
        Thanks again always for the awesome reviews.

        1. Thanks for the review Charles.

          Are the white asparagus in season now? Besides the lack of seasoning, how was the flavour of the asparagus? How much was the dish?

          Dragon boat has always been a solid choice for me whether its dim sum or dinner?

          Marshmallow with Peking duck? Haha...I wonder where the inspiration came form!?

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          1. re: ragged25

            The meal, excluding tax and service, was around $130.

            The white asparagus was underdone and crispy. Cannot recall the price. Either $18 or $22 ?!

          2. I had another awesome Cantonese dinner at this busy restaurant yesterday! Based on the mouth-watering and delectable food served, this place is quickly consolidating its foothold as being the BEST Cantonese fine dining restaurant in the Richmond Hill and Markham area! Food is more reasonably priced than say 'Yang's' and 'O'Mei' and more refined than 'The Emperor'.

            Here are some of the 'high-light' dishes of the evening:

            - A rarity in Toronto! 'LIVE' 6 pounder+ Floridian ' Sea Dragon' Garoupa prepared 2 ways. Stirred fry fillet with yellowing chives and Deep fried remains with peppered spiced salt. Cost per pound almost same as live Alaskan King Crab!

            Chewy texture of this pristine fresh fish was 'amazing'. Seasoning was spot on and perfect execution was down to the micro-second! Best fish eaten in the GTA..Period!!

            - Stirred fry Chinese preserved Olive tapenade with sun dried prawns and jumbo diver scallops.

            Amazing Wok-Hay. Complex and exotic taste profile!

            - Wok fried pork baby back ribs with house special BBQ sauce

            Finger licking good!

            - New-Style Sweet $ Sour pork with Blueberries!

            Crispy, crunchy and chewy. Quite delicious and enjoyed by most but sauce was just a touch too tangy for my palette. Prefer the Pineapple version!

            - Roasted suckling Piglet paired with BBQ pork

            Same as last time. One of the best suckling piglet in town!! Awesome crispy/crunchy skin!

            CNS, Joanne Kates and Toronto-Life.... better take notes! Do the public a favor, stop reviewing and recommending mediocre establishments! Let them be aware of the better ones out there!!