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Dec 29, 2013 08:05 PM

The Prospector Twain Harte

Finally had a chance to try the somewhat 'mythical' Prospector restaurant in Twain Harte.
I had first heard of the restaurant here on CH and how the chef made VPN certified pizzas in an antique wood burning oven in the small mountain town of Twain Harte of all places.
We arrived right when they opened at 5 PM and was greeted by chef Robert.
We ordered a pizza, caesar salad, and braised pork shanks.
I let the chef choose the wine for our meal, but I did verify the price before proceeding.
Chef Robert seemed nice, but I could tell that his somewhat 'moody' demeanor could rub people the wrong way.
The food was excellent, with the pizza ranking in the top 5 compared to places in the Bay Area and elsewhere I have eaten at (Delfina, A16, Lola)
The sauce and cheese he uses was excellent, and really stood out.
The braised pork was excellent as well, it was served with tasty polenta cakes.
And the wine was a great selection for our meal.
I must say the place is quite eclectic, with the small size and seeing the chef prepare the food right in front of you with the smell of the wood burning oven.
I'll definitely come back here for the pizza alone.
I had not been to the area in years, and it was a pleasant and scenic 1 hr 20 min drive from Merced.

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  1. I've make it to the Prospector once a year on my annual skiing trip to Dodge Ridge. Miles and miles away the best meal to be had around Twain Harte.

    But the owner/chef is quirky--don't ask for substitutions or make demands, just go with the flow and appreciate the amazing food. Oh, and the ventilation could be a bit better--don't wear your contacts if your eyes are sensitive.

    I have never had a bad dish there and I've had some wonderful unexpected ones.

    1. Do you recall the wine he selected for you?

      1. Love to hear about your excellent experience at The Prospector! It might've been my review you read...I raved about the pizza, in particular, and the VPN pizza pedigree. Robert Martin is one of the most dedicated human beings Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting...and his pizzas, home made pizzas, home cured meats and fresh mozz are superb. My only compaint is that I cant get to Twain Harte more often!

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          I hope to get up there again, his food is excellent.
          Looking forward to trying some of his pastas.