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Butcher, Baker, or Candlestick Maker?

I think butcher. I fear the gore, and would like to overcome that.

Baker? Too many rules.

Candlestick maker? Where to begin????

And you?

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  1. butcher, no doubt. daughter of a meat man, wife of a meat man. baker? i live in ny. why bake? candlestick maker? fear of fire.

    1. Butcher for sure. I'm very interested in it and don't mind the gore.
      I help butcher the pig we use at SO's parents for the annual pig roast, and it's oddly satisfying.

      I would get fat if I was a baker, even though it could be fun. Candlestick maker would probably get boring.

      1. Baker. Pastry chef, chocolatrix, confectionista.

        Though candlesticks could be fun. Metalsmithing or blowing glass? Haven't tried either.

        1. According to my toddler's nursery rhymes book, they all fell out of a rotten potato. It was enough to make a man stare.

          1. Rub-a-dub-dub,
            Three men in a tub,
            And who do you think they were?
            The butcher, the baker,
            The candlestick-maker,
            They all sailed out to sea,
            'Twas enough to make a man stare

            There's definitely a back story there.

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            1. re: Harters

              Too funny. I always learned it:

              "And who do you think they be?
              And all of them out to sea."

              Just googled and found there are a bunch of different versions. Always interesting to see how nursery rhymes evolve over time.

              ETA: Oh yes, baker for me, definitely.

              1. re: charmedgirl

                I learned:

                And who do you think they be?
                Turn them out, knaves all three.

            2. Butcher, but not slaughterer.............
              You kill it and skin it, I'll break it down from there, cut it, cure it, cook it, serveit eat it....................

              Baker...............check my moniker, did it professionally decades ago, breads, not pastries, with the exception of babka

              Candlestick Maker? WTF----Edison invented the electric light bulb more than a century agoi!

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              1. re: bagelman01

                LOL, when i originally said gore, I guess I was doing the slaughtering too in my mind - and feathering/plucking/skinning - I can't imagine.

                I would also like to have better skills in ocean to cutting board fish handling - which is butchery.

              2. Baker for sure. Hence my name. I eat plenty of meat but handling it in its "unprocessed" state can turn me into a temporary vegetarian. And candle stick making just seems a bit limited as a career. . .

                1. can I interpret loosely? If so, than Candlestick Maker. Crafts, love 'em. Don't get me wrong, I'll eat the meat and the bread gladly but all day long? Not for me.

                  1. Butcher or baker, I enjoy both. In fact, I got both a sausage stuffer AND new baking sheets for Christmas!

                    1. Baker and, as a hobby, candlestick maker.
                      If I had to slaughter a mammal, reptile, or amphibian, I would probably end up a vegetarian; I just get too emotionally attached to critters...not a good survival skill. Once someone else has killed it, then I can deal with it, but I wouldn't want to do it all day every day.
                      On the other hand, I LOVE baking, and in a different lifetime, I might have actually been a professional baker. And I've made candles, although craft-wise, I do more knitting, which can be done in a chair while watching TV and eating the cookies that I've baked.

                      1. any or all of the above; all fine by me!
                        Call me a renaissance woman :)