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Dec 29, 2013 05:58 PM

Recommendations for a large family group- lots of specific requirements.

We are meeting up with family next Saturday night.... There will be 8 of us, two senior citizens one of whom is very picky/ not adventurous and also very hard of hearing. There will be a 4 year old and a six year old and one person who doesn't like seafood. Ugh, I know. My husband and I have been to New Orleans a number of times and love it. One of my favs is Jacques IMO. I am looking for somewhere ideally within walking distance from our hotel in the warehouse district. Somewhere not too noisy, kid friendly, not crazy pricey, takes reservations, and with non seafood options but yet also a place where you get good local cuisine. If good barbecued shrimp is on the menu, I'm a happy camper. Currently I have a reservation at Ralph and Kakoo's, but only as a last resort. I realize this is all a lot to ask, but would love suggestions for somewhere we can get a great meal. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. I'll be interested to hear others' opinions. My only thought is to drive East to Dothan,Alabama and seek out a Toddle House or Mae's Roadhouse Inn.

      1. Mandina's is a good suggestion. But first look at the menu at Grand Isle. It is long on seafood but has meat dishes in every category. I suggest it as it is convenient and has a nice clean family atmosphere.

        I think I'd go to Mulate's before Ralph and Kacoos.

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          "Mulate's before Ralph and Kacoo's" is a helluva indictment.

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            Ouch...if those were the only choices, I'd stay home and eat an olive loaf sandwich.

        2. Get that group to American Sector, stat. It's a Besh resto at the National WWII museum on Magazine. Wide variety on the menu sure to please everyone, with some interesting specials. Layout, lighting, table spacing are all elder-friendly and non kid hostile. Takes reservations, too.

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          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            This is a great recommendation. I've had fantastic luck there with older, deafer, pickier dining companions.

          2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions so far. It's not looking good for our Ralph and Kakoo's reservation. I like the look of Mandina. I have actually been to Mulates and it was ok. A show, if nothing else. :-) What about in the FQ? We've been to August and it was recommended to me as kid friendly, not so sure I would agree. Thx again!

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              Umm how about Deanies? They have BBQ shrimp and kid friendly