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Blood Farm Fire

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This is awful news. It's a total loss but they're fully insured. Let's hope they rebuild.

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  1. Oh, that's heartbreaking. We just had Blood Farm bacon for breakfast this morning.

    1. Thanks for letting us know Chris. What a loss to the local food scene. And, let's hope they can rebuild.

      I'll keep my ears open for any updates and ask other farmers in that area to let me know what they hear. I'm sure you'll add any updates that come your way.


      1. this is awful, but at least no animals were harmed. with the patriarch being of such advanced age, i hope he decides to rebuild as a legacy.

        1. That is bad news. The area farmers we buy meat from have all depended on Blood Farm to handle processing. I wonder what they will do, at least for now.

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            A couple live stock farmers I know are going to be using Black River Produce in Vermont. It' a fairly new plant that has capacity to take on more processing.

          2. Terrible news. The family must be devastated. Hope they rebuild. Every time we go there, I feel a strong sense of community. Can't get that in chain stores. I heard that a fundraiser may be already in the works.

            1. That is terrible. They are a local institution.

              1. There will be a fundraising event at the Barn at Gibbet Hill on February 27 to help provide aid to the 20 employees who have been out of work since the Blood Farm fire:

                There's also a website where folks can donate:

                And there's a Facebook page as well:

                I'm glad to see that the Blood family are working hard on rebuilding and getting back up and running as quickly as possible, although that still seems to mean no sooner than this coming fall. As we run through the supply in our freezer from our last run out to Groton, I find myself thinking of the Blood family and their staffers a great deal.