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Dec 29, 2013 05:37 PM

Wedding/Private Dining for 8-10

I am looking to plan my wedding as a small and intimate ceremony followed by dinner. I am trying to come up with a list of restaurants with small enough rooms that the minimum would not be prohibitive. I have reached out to Per Se and EMP. Any others you guys know of that merit inquiry?

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  1. Picholine
    Le Bernardin
    Del Posto

    1. I think Modern would really fit the bill nicely. It's a lovely space that overlooks the garden.

      Also, consider JungSik.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        wow, i love the modern idea.

        unfortunately, how weird is this:

        Unfortunately, as a tenant of MoMA, we must abide by their regulations and are therefore prohibited from hosting weddings as they are not permitted in the Museum. I have to submit all event invitations to the Museum for approval and if there is any mention of “wedding” or “marriage”, the event would not be allowed. Additionally, we do not permit any traditional elements such as wedding gowns or wedding cakes.

        1. If EMP works out that is without a doubt where I would throw my support. If EMP does not work out then MrGrumpy's suggestion of Picholine is spot on; the wine room there would probably be a perfect if you keep it to 8 people (the max for the wine room) but if you need more space their next room holds up to 22. You could also look into The NoMad (the rooftop would be awesome) or they have the Johnson Room but that is a bigger minimum.

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            why the strong support to EMP? have you been to a private dining event there?

            1. re: sundropforever

              I have, albeit not a wedding. It was for a larger group than yours, but it was really lovely. Their private dining rooms are upstairs and overlook the main dining room, so it's really elegant and fun to have an eagle-eyed view of that stunning room, as well as the park.

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                Yes, I have, granted, most were restaurant events but none the less they were fantastic. The same staffs that support the main dining room also support private dining and EMP is, IMO, the best fine dining in Manhattan so...

                1. re: Spiritchaser

                  the same presentation and 'story' (for lack of a better word? theme?) accompanies the dishes upstairs?

            2. La Grenouille - beautiful upstairs room.