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Dec 29, 2013 04:53 PM

Legume opened a few days ago in Mamaroneck, good small market

They have cheeses, soups, pastas, fruits, veg, pita bread, and the same great dips as Turkish Meze: Eggplant (three kinds at least), Hummus, Cacik, and Kisir.

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  1. Is this a Middle Eastern market? Also, where is it in Mamaroneck?

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    1. re: Maryld

      Turkish technically, but yes. Across from smashburger and the train station.

      1. re: The_Way

        Sounds good--I will stop in soon.

    2. Just stopped in this morning. They do have a very nice selection of meze dips, olives, breads, olive oils, sweets,
      lots of "foreign" products such as ketchup and a very interesting cheese selection. I bought some cacik (which is fabulous) and baklava for tonight. Not sure if they do anything for take-out lunches, but I will stop in again very soon.