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Dec 29, 2013 04:13 PM

Northern Lakes & Seafood; Relocated to Troy, MI

Anyone dined at NL&S since their relocation to Troy?

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  1. I went there last night and ate in the bar. Although they still serve the full menu. The bartender waited on us, he was great, and told us they had changed the menu a little, but since I had only been at the previous location once I wouldn't have noticed. They've been there about five weeks now but the first two or three were without a liquor license...they're up and running with it now.
    They seem to be doing a lot of local sourcing. We had the Goat Cheese and Apple Salad...nicely presented and we both enjoyed it. The soup choices were Seafood Chowder and Cream of Broccoli. I had the Seafood which had a lot of taste and I liked it but have nothing to compare to since I don't usually order it and knew I didn't want a creamy soup. We then ordered two appetizers....Vernors braised short ribs which were so tasty I could have had a second order and Maryland Crab Cake it was big but nothing outstanding.
    The location has not been renovated and I found the prices rather high...the grouper was $36. I love grouper and always order when it's on the menu but that was way above my price point.
    Also, Deli Unique has moved there...I think the bartender told us it's now called Epic Deli? and inside the MET hotel. I will go back as it's close to home but will probably only eat in the bar and get appetizers.

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    1. re: grouper

      Very helpful write up! Also, who knew Deli Unique (Epic Deli) was located there?? I don't recall having seen a sign. I wasn't as big of a fan as others but I certainly will be checking it out.
      PS- if you come upon a coupon/promo for NL&S, please let us know (I'll do likewise).

      1. re: VTB

        My bad. Just drove past. There is a (small) sign out front for Epic Deli.

    2. Same old tired property with another establishment destined for failure. Prices are way too high and quality is just not there. They seem to think they are still in Birmingham but this area took a significant hit in business when the economy turned several years ago. The traffic count is just no longer here to support these prices in this location.
      Food and service were just ok for us. I left missing the good old days with the previous establishment.
      A lot of tuting for Zingerman's Cheese but the olny other local product I noticed was Michigan pond raised shrimp.

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      1. re: TraderJoe

        I am very skeptical that they can maintain their B'ham price point in the new Troy location. Then there is the matter of Ocean Prime be so nearby... And in better location.

        These changes have me wondering if a finance-only person is running the business...

        1. re: TraderJoe

          I think they're banking on the entertainment complex that's supposed to be coming to that facility. The hotel is scheduled to go through a major upgrade and they are adding retail, etc. I do agree that the prices are too steep for the area.

          1. re: grouper

            that redevelopment isn't really a done deal--the developer is a bit of a shyster


            I hope it does go through, I work very near that area and it looks like it would be a nice addition to the area.

            1. re: coney with everything

              Wow! Just read that and I too hope it goes through. That was a big leap for the Epicurean restaurant group.

              1. re: grouper

                If they want the vast hordes of office workers in the area to eat at the Epic Cafe/Deli (and count me as one), it would behoove them to put the freaking menu online and maybe, oh, make people aware of them.

                There is a significant lunch market in that area, just try to drive in the parking lot of the little strip mall at Crooks and Corporate at lunchtime. You take your life in your hands

              2. re: coney with everything

                The developer has filed no plans nor applied for any permits ... and he is gonna have a 17-acre development up and running this year? Not. Gonna. Happen. (in 2014)

                1. re: rainsux

                  How do you and that past j.p. guy always access such info??

                  1. re: VTB

                    Have you ever seen RainSux and Snowden at the same time? You know he's an IT guy in DC, don't you.

                    1. re: goatgolfer

                      Me? Snowden? Pffft.

                      Now; I'm not saying that I'm Batman, but we have never been seen together!

                2. re: coney with everything

                  "a bit of a shyster" is a huge understatement.

              3. re: TraderJoe

                They also serve a local bacon made by because bacon.

              4. Visited on Saturday night.

                Food and service are essentially unchanged from the
                prior location - excellent. Sadly; their wonderful beet
                salad did not survive the relocation.

                The facility itself is soooo 1980. Well maintained, but
                not of this century. More of a castle/dungeon vibe ...

                The first booth we were offered was literally adjacent to
                a screaming 2-3 year-old. We were up & moving before
                they could get water to the table.

                The second table was in the main dining room, the one
                with the band. The table was right in front of the band.
                No hope whatsoever of having a conversation with my
                dining companion at that table.

                The third table had high-traffic walkways on three sides.
                Um, no. Thank you.

                Do you have a table where two people can enjoy wine,
                dinner & conversation? We were taken to what I presume is
                the Group-W booth in the otherwise closed, bar area. Inspite
                of our isolation, service did not suffer one bit and we had
                a wonderful dinner.

                My dining companion doesn't eat meat or capers; and
                the various scallop dishes that interested her, involved
                one, the other, or both. The kitchen accommodated her
                without fuss.

                The calamari appetizer was excellent - a tad saltier than
                I like - but I don't like much salt.

                Frankly; the relocation reeks of money grubbing. I just
                don't know who is trying to extract more cash from whom.
                Perhaps the Kingsley raised the rent. Perhaps the Epicurean
                Group owner needs the business to spin-off more cash and
                decided to take an out-dated space.

                Overall; I will deduct 1-star for the location and facility.

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                1. re: rainsux

                  Visited for happy hour with some business friends last week. Excellent service at a large booth in the bar (I don't recall our server's name, but she's a young woman relocated from the thumb and was terrific). Calimari was the best shared app, followed by flat bread with smoked salmon, sour cream/cheese, capers, red onions. The smoked salmon was fresh and of very good quality. Other apps were less exciting - the smoked whitefish dip is more dip than fish, etc.

                  When I arrived to meet my friends around 5:50 I think that there were 4 other cars in the parking lot. More customers arrived between 6 and 8:30, but mostly at the bar. The large space felt large and a bit desolate.

                  1. re: HillsofBeverly

                    My office is in the area, and we're considering going over for HH--this sounds like it's worth doing.

                2. Looks like there's a Groupon that gives you $50 for $29 at Northern Lakes, I just noticed. This *might* get me to try the place. It still seems stratospheric in price, though.