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Dec 29, 2013 03:49 PM

What to do with canned smoked salmon in oil

I have some canned Alaskan smoked salmon in oil and am at a loss for what to cook with it since it is both smoked a and in oil. Any thoughts?

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  1. Love mixing any smoked salmon with enough cream cheese to mellow it out for a spread or dip. Holiday food or super bowl yummies. Hope you are not looking for lo-cal.

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      Do the cream cheese thing above but add some grated onion, lemon juice and horseradish.

    2. A twist on "tuna salad" with mayo, scallions, capers and fresh dill? Or chopped dill pickle instead of the capers and dill. Drain salmon very well to remove the oil, and maybe add some panko bread crumbs to soak up some of the oil and get the right texture/flavor balance. Serve with/on bagels or rye bread.

      First thing would be to open the can and taste it, to decide the best use. I also really like the cream cheese recommendations already given.

      1. I bet it 'd make great croquettes. Perilagu Khan posted this recipe on another thread:

        1. Toss it, drained, with pasta, scallions, frozen peas and lemon/wine/butter sauce; maybe some chopped capers.

          Use it with potatoes, bacon, cream and veggies to make a smoked salmon chowder

          Use to make smoked salmon cakes with a little panko, lemon zest, etc. Serve with remoulade.

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            Is there a way to recommend just the first two words of your reply? ;-) If the OP likes smoked salmon, fine. But I have a good friend who has forgotten that I can't bear it, and keeps sending me what I'm sure is top-quality jarred and vacuum-sealed stuff from Alaska. I've taken to regifting it, after having choked my way through a chowder I made, thinking I could dilute the (to me) overwhelming smokiness by making soup. I tried feeding the next package to the dog, who picked at it listlessly. She apparently preferred to restrict her smoked vittles to pig ears.

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              have you thought of telling her that for some reason, your tastebuds have "changed" and/or your tummy doesn't "agree" with salmon? LOL

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                Lol...I'm with Alkapal; just tell her it does not agree with you and perhaps someone else would appreciate it more, since it "won't go to waste" for lack of a better term. You get the jist of what I'm trying to say.... But, dang, if the dog won't eat

            2. Pasta (as previously mentioned)

              Fried rice, especially with a bit of kimchi thrown in.

              Salmon hash