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Dec 29, 2013 03:27 PM

4 days in LA/Pasadena

We are headed to LA for 5 nights for the BCS National Championship in a few days. Will be staying in Glendale but want to hit Marina Del Ray for Drinks/Dinner one night. Tony P's and Killer Shrimp were recommended.
We were given a gift certificate at Damon's in Glendale by some friends. Also looking for restaurant recommendations in Hollywood one night and another in Pasadena for our family with 2 kids (well mannered 10 & 12). Any other suggestions/ideas are appreciated.

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  1. Are there any particular cuisines / types of food that you and your family like and can't get where you live? Pasadena has a lot to offer, as does the San Gabriel Valley - incredible Asian feasts, great pizzas, sushi, excellent Mexican (and Tex-Mex / Cal-Mex). Basically, if you give us some parameters in terms of food preferences and budget, we can better guide you.

    1. Elsie..we are from South Florida and are foodies here so we would like local fare or stuff we cant get here. Asian i.e. Sushi would be nice as well as Pizza and Mexican (kids like that). Not really looking for any more steakhouses or chinese. Reasonable dinners in $10-20 entree range would be fine. We have looked at yelp and also looking for real life suggestions. Thanks so much

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          The pizza is really good at Settebello!

      1. Is the gift certificate good for the bar, too? Because given the option, I'd drink at Damon's and eat elsewhere...

        Glendale has a new Din Tai Fung plus some good Armenian and Middle Eastern restaurants (and is close to Atwater Village and Eagle Rock for other, slightly funkier options).

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          "I'd drink at Damon's and eat elsewhere..."
          Ha!!! I second that. :-)

        2. Gjelina (California cusine in Venice right next to MDR) some of the best food in LA.

          1. How open to food are your kids? In Pasadena, some options you might want to check out are Malbec, Sushi Ichi, Le Grande Orange Cafe, Luggage Room Pizza, Vertical Wine Bistro. All have websites with menus so you can see if they'd work for your kids.