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Dec 29, 2013 01:43 PM

Rice cooked in Bamboo I (I did it!)

I had heard about it so I tried it. I took a large piece of Bamboo then rolled a banana leaf up and inserted it in. I used 1.5 cups of jasmine rice, 2 cups of coconut water from a can, 1 teaspoon of sugar and good pinch of salt. It cooked in 10 hour and was very nice even though the bamboo was burnt up. I videoed it an cant get the pic off of my phone but here is was the process looked like. It was a solid tube of beautiful rice. After posting the vid on FB a friend sent me this recipe that I am trying next week.

Who has had this dish and who had made it? I would love to know that it tasted like.

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  1. 10 hours?!? Whoah.
    I have had it several times at hangawi in nyc, its a signature dish there and has a very unique flavor.

    What a fun experiment though!

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      Crap it was supposed to say ONE HOUR! Sorry. We have lots of bamboo stands here in South Carolina.

    2. Where did you get the bamboo? Someone was asking about that on the Ontario board several months ago.

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        You're a saint!!! Thanks for bringing me here :)

      2. Oh my God.
        I was the guy who was in ontario that asked about this.

        I was a child in Malaysia and I remember getting this when my family and I were on long road trips. There would be stalls set up on the side of the road cooking rows upon rows of this.

        Did you make sure to rotate the bamboo every 10 mins?
        They also usually soak the bamboo in water for a night prior to cooking. Another tip is to not add all of the coconut milk in straight away. Rather add 50% in the start, and slowly add it throughout the cooking process.

        Lastly the flames must NEVER touch the bamboo, rather the heat.

        Hope this helps!!!

        1. That is so cool that you tried it and it worked! Please continue to post what you have found on the technique. I love rediscovering and exploring old time-honored ways of cooking

          1. Thanks for sharing. You said " I used 1.5 cups of jasmine rice, 2 cups of coconut water from a can....", but you have like 10 tubes of bamboo. Did you do it in each bamboo?

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