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Dec 29, 2013 12:52 PM

Mama's Fish House or Nick's In Maui?

Hi All,

My husband and I will be staying 4 nights at the Four Seasons Wailea in Early January. Our reservations so far are as follows:


Our dilemma is regarding our last night. Should we go to Mama's or Nick's. I've heard very conflicting reports about Mama's but the ambience/setting look great and whilst that's important to us I don't want to sacrifice it for a great meal. So what's the general consensus out there on these two establishments - which one will provide the best food along with great atmosphere? I'm being swayed at the moment towards Nicks as it's in the Wailea area and we would need to get a taxi to Mama's - any idea of how long that would take/cost?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nick's is fine, but Mama's is better in terms of both food and ambiance. A cab to Mama's from Wailea is probably at least $75 each way including tip and would take about 40-45 minutes I think. If you prefer to stay in Wailea, I'd suggest going to Capische? over Nick's. Better food, better cocktails and a nicer atmosphere at a similar price point. Ask for a table on the lanai and book at a time that you can watch the sunset!

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      Hi Kellyds, Thanks for the response. Wow, I'm glad I asked the question re distance and cost from FS to Mama's. Definitely not willing to pay that much to get there so that's narrowed down the choice nicely. I'd never heard of Capische - just jumped onto their website and it looks great! Thanks for the rec!

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        I completely understand your decision on a cab - I think that the comment might actually be a bit short on the actual cost - then there is the return trip.

        While this board is about evenly split between the Mama's lovers, and the Mama's haters (few in between... ?), I am a fan. On last trip to Maui, we turned down two more free nights at the Ritz-Carlton (lovely 2800 sq ft condo), to pay for The Inn At Mama's Fish House, just so that we could do dinner, and not have to drive afterward. The Inn was cool, not that expensive, so friendly and I was about 18' from the front door to the restaurant. We did our lunches there, and then dinner (one night to Bev Gannon's), and I would do that again, in a heartbeat. Now, the Inn is more like a B&B, but we turned our backs on total luxury (and for free), just to do it.

        Travel safely, and enjoy greatly.


    2. I have never been to either one in Maui... but my BFF swears by Mama's. Maybe worth a try and compare?

      1. Do Mama's on the way to or from the airport. It's far too expensive a cab ride to justify going there from Wailea round trip.

        1. We like Mama's for lunch, go for a later seating. It will be more relaxed and the view and food are worth every penny.

          1. This is a good question.

            Considering your location, I would lean toward Nick's.

            Mama's is up in Pa`ia, and as we like our wines, the drive back, while not difficult, is not what we enjoy.

            When we dined there (Mama's) we were most often staying in Kapalua, so only did lunch. Then, just to have dinners, stayed at The Inn At Mama's, and that was perfect.

            We have the same issue with Bev Gannon's Hali`imale General Store - just too far from where we normally stay, so lunch is the order of the day.