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Dec 29, 2013 12:03 PM

San Sebastián Michelins- How to choose?

We only have 2 night in San Sebastián and can only go to one of the multi- starred restaurants. How different are the experiences?

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  1. Very, and also well discussed on the board. Suggest you read some of the previous threads and ask further questions to help you choose.

    1. Not only would you get more responses if you did some research and then asked specific questions, but also if you responded at all to others' suggestions to the many questions you have posted on CH, and maybe reported back on your experiences.

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      1. re: rrems

        Usually the amount of help one can expect to receive is commensurate with the help in the form of reports and comments that one offers here......too many posters ask away and then neglect to return and offer comments on their experiences.

      2. Candyk,

        Wow, these responders have shut you down totally. Very tough crowd.

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        1. re: cortez

          And a very knowledgeable crowd too - I've relied on all their posts, but never Candyk10's - except for this one.