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Dec 29, 2013 11:48 AM

Recommendations for Taipei 101? [Cary,NC]

We usually go to Super Wok for Chinese but a family member wanted to check out Taipei 101 in Cary. Are there any don't-miss dishes folks here recommend?

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  1. stewed pork over rice and beef pancake roll (rice, noodles and buns #1 and 5)

    Rice noodle trooped with mince pork (pork #7)

    1. Thanks a bunch! "Pork #7" was pleasantly spicy and good. It's funny, the IRL menus were different so I had to pull up the virtual menu to figure out the reco :-). Many things ordered but my favorites were pickled mustard and fish soup (more like a fish/shrimp cake than pieces of fish); shredded pork with bamboo tip (very thin young pieces of bamboo); and others at the table loved three cups chicken.