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Dec 29, 2013 11:43 AM

St. Anton and Lech

Anyone have any suggestions for restaurants, konditorei, coffee and/ or particular dishes? I like krapfen, kaiserschmarrn, fondue, dumplings, schnitzel, Austrian-style fried chicken, spaetzle. Looking for more regional dishes you'd recommend. There are some older threads in the International Archive, but nothing recent has come up in my search of Chowhound.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. We've been to Lech two of the last three winters and have eaten very well there. Our favorite for high-end dining is the a la carte restaurant at the Gasthof Post - beautiful, cozy room, superb service, excellent Austrian food - love the tafelspitz and kaiserschmarren (sp?). For a bustling Austrian versian of a gastropub try Hus No 8 on the main street in Lech - dumplings galore there... We also enjoyed the less formal restaurant at the deluxe Almhof Schneider. And finally, take a horse driven sleigh from Lech to Zug through the woods (60 euros or so) - or take the free and convenient bus - to dine at the Hotel Rotewand - excellent food!

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      Thanks, fress. Your recommendations sound fantastic. :)

    2. I'd recommend Hospiz Alm's soups and apple strudel to anyone lunching in St. Christoph.
      In St Anton, Fuhrmann Stube is a decent, economical Austrian option, sort of the Austrian equivalent to a diner, serving hearty Austrian food. (I liked the palatschinken). Bodega is an upscale tapas bar one friend recommended, that was always packed. While I didn't dine there, the food I saw on other tables looked great, and might be a good option for Chowhounds looking for a change from Austrian food.
      I enjoyed all the gulasch soups I ordered in Lech (it's a staple on most of the menus), as well as the marillen krapfen from the Lech Baeckerei.