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Dec 29, 2013 11:09 AM

Got a fennel and flame Le Creuset- can we discuss colors?

I received my first Le Creuset for Christmas- a beautiful fennel green 5 quart oval dutch oven. It came with a flame lasagna pan! I had gone back and forth on which color I wanted to collect (currently rent so not sure what my eventual kitchen will look like). I was sure I wanted to collect one color but receiving the flame pan threw me off! It was a promotion that came with the dutch oven and I love it. Now I'm thinking that I would like to possibly collect a few colors and narrowed it down to: fennel green, cherry red, flame orange and cassis purple. You can see them all pictured together in the le creuset magnet set above. I love the four colors and like the idea of being able to get some novelty items that don't come in fennel like the heart pots and pumpkin shapes oven.

What would YOU do?
1. Keep on collecting fennel despite the flame pan
2. Exchange the fennel and collect flame
3. Collect flame, fennel, cassis and cherry
4. Something else- explain!

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  1. I am totally immune to the LC gimmick of changing colors more often than a supermodel changed clothes, but since LC started with orange, and was for years known only for that color, I would stick with that because it is the color most likely to pop up for a steal at tag sales, thrift stores, and eBay.

    They periodically discontinue colors, don't they? If you are prone to catching the collecting bug, it could frustrate you if one of the new ones disappears.

    Me, I'm happy with my inexpensive Martha Stewart and Tramontina enameled D.O.'s (putty and forest green, respectively) and my vintage/antique naked cast iron D.O. and frying pans. If you handle lower-cost enamelware with caution, like putting a towel. dishpan, or nylon-coated rack in the sink before washing it, it will last at least your lifetime.

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    1. re: greygarious

      Hi Grey! Thanks for your input. Putty and forest sounds like a pretty combo! They do discontinue, however I feel like if I do collect the 4 colors at least flame and cherry shouldn't be retired!

    2. I have several pieces of enameled CI LC...all a different color as well as a few of the vegetables(I have none of the stoneware).

      The various colors weren't intentional. I just picked them up as I found them on sale, at the outlet, as gifts, spiiffs in stores where I worked, etc. In my old house they were stored out on a six foot tiered display stand and looked fine mismatched. They are in a cabinet and back closet now as my copper has taken over said stand. (The vegetables do still live on top of the cabinets. I've only used each once....they are really just decorative pieces in our house)

      They all cook the same. If you feel a strong attraction to one color go that way. The stuff is expensive, personally I was happy to find whatever pieces I could not full price and not care one whit about color! LOL

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      1. re: ziggylu

        Being open to all the colors definitely lets you get better prices- that's for sure. I saw so many pieces aren't even made in the color I picked to collect (fennel!) share pics if you have any if your collection. The veggie ones are so adorable.

        1. re: espressoiloveyou

          They are too spread through the house to photograph but I have some white, cherry, blue, dijon,and flame as well as the pumpkin, apple and a purple bell pepper. I never paid more than 50% of full retail for any of them so never cared about color. My 5.5 white sees a lot of use and I really don't care for the white color at all but I picked it up off the clearance rack at the Great Indoors over ten years ago for $27. I'll live with the white over spending a few hundred to replace it just because I don't like the color.

      2. I am a one-color guy, but I see no reason you couldn't have every piece in a different color.

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        1. re: law_doc89

          Hi Law! Thanks for the reply. What color do you collect? Any regrets over your color choice?

          1. re: espressoiloveyou

            Cerise, and no regrets. I can envision an eye-popping collection with no two pieces the same color however. My kitchen is white with stainless steel counters and stainless appliances, so the red is a good accent.

        2. I like the idea of a mix, but then I've never been one to need to have anything matching, especially my cookware!
          BTW, fennel is being discontinued, so if you like it, now's the time to buy more.

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          1. re: EWSflash

            Wow! How did you find out and when will it be discontinued?

            1. re: espressoiloveyou

              Chefs Catalog sent me an email with that as the title.

          2. I have the flame, but only to continue from when my mother was buying Descoware in the early 60s.

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