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best lasagna

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Craving traditional/comfort (red sauced) lasagna. Where can I find the best in Twin Cities? It can either be bought in a store or restaurant.

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  1. Try Broder's Deli, at 50th & Penn.

    1. I like Cossetta's.

      1. Brianno's Deli in Eagan. They sell it by the slice or, better yet, by the pan. It's takeout only.


        1. I don't know if it's the best, but the lasagna (esp. the spinich lasagna) at Sorrento Cucina in the Minneapolis Skyway (Northstar Center West) is a guilty pleasure of mine.

          1. Pizza Luce veggie lasagna. Get it for lunch with one of their great salads for hardly any money!

            1. Have enjoyed Brianno's, Sorrento and Cosetta. All good rec's.