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Dec 29, 2013 09:29 AM

New Year's Day Layover

I have people coming in the early afternoon on New Year's Day for a 6 hr layover after a 13 hr flight. What's good that isn't too far from LAX? Food and drink recommendations are welcome. Nothing fancy given these folks will be in travel attire. Any food style is ok (ethnic included).


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  1. Take them to Manhattan Beach Post (if open) and you can walk on the beach if you want or do some shopping along the main streets of that very charming little community just to the southwest of LAX.

    If they aren't open then I would still look for something in that area for the reason it would be enjoyable and easy to kill the time until they need to go back to catch their next flight.

    1. What time of day? Lunch or Dinner?

      1. MB Post suggested by Servorg would be a great option. Other good, nearby options that might be open include Fishing With Dynamite (MB Post's seafood sister, next door) and Little Sister (Southeast Asian across from MB Post). A bit closer to the airport, Paul Martin's should be open.