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Dec 29, 2013 09:18 AM

Latest on Serpico

Since July there have been no comments on this new Philly gem.
Are there any changes worth noting? Do they ever change their menu or are there, at least, specials?
And I am curious to know what the original picketing was all about. Does anyone know?
Thanks for any comments (and a healthy 2014 with plenty of delicious places to fill your tummies with).

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  1. The menu has changed, some dishes are still on from earlier revisions, you can see it on the restaurant's website.

    The picketing was typical union protest, nothing interesting.

    1. I was there for opening night, and 2 times since, the last a month or so ago. While the menu has had some some additions and subtractions, the dishes that have received the most favorable comment remain.

      I think Serpico is the most exciting restaurant currently in Philly. We did the tasting menu with BYOB (they don't advertise it, but will let you BYOB with corkage), and it might have been the best meal I've had all year. And that includes comparables like Momofuko Ko and Eleven Madison Park.

      They seem to be doing a bang-up business, so apparently the picketers didn't have much effect.

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      1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

        Wow PhillyBBYOB:
        You have whetted (and wetted!) my appetite.
        Can't wait to try it. I wonder how expensive the corkage fee is.
        Thanks for your great review.

        1. re: arepo

          Someone else arranged the dinner, so I'm not sure what the corkage fee was.

          However, they also have a nice (short) cocktail list, and a very interesting and affordable wine list. So no need to BYOB.

          And of course good wine service (LOL, see other thread), although I'm never a fan of stem-less wine glasses.

          1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

            I really need to get back there. I went a week after it opened and was very impressed with the food. We ate ungodly early, maybe 5:00 pm because our guests had a kid with them, and the kitchen was still top notch. Not to be boring, but I particularly liked their vegetable plate!

            1. re: dndicicco

              I remember that vegetable plate was really good. Not the usual throw-away on the menu just in case there is a vegan dining in a group.

      2. I went there Saturday night for the tasting menu and it was a bit hit-and-miss - some dishes were rather bland but the hits were really among the best dishes I've ever eaten. I very fondly remember the oxtail and a trout-potato-sorrel dish that was powered with something white and just so, so beautiful, like a poem in snow. I thought the foie gras worked out great too.
        The last dessert was an ice cream with a sauce that I really would like to recreate. They told me it was lemon grass oil, but now that I google it it seems not possible - any ideas on that?

        1. Serpico recently started offering an early bird price fixe that may be the best deal in the city right now: $40 for four (full sized) courses between 5 and 630pm Sun - Fri. The options are selections from the current menu, when we went it was 2 options for each course but now I think they have added in a third choice.

          See below for the menu when we went, I heard that duck mousse and lamb ribs have been added, which I'd love to go back for. We had the head x 2 (sliced thin, prosciutto style) and then everything else offered. Every dish was excellent and had it's own unique flavors.

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