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Dec 29, 2013 08:20 AM

A little restaurant or bar with character?

We're in Montreal for New Years evening, and we're looking for a small restaurant or bar to spend the evening in. Ange & Ricky's, for example -- the small Haitian restaurant that's been recommended on this board -- would be perfect, but they're closed on NYE.

So here are the ingredients of what we're looking for: something with character (interesting or diverse people around, maybe interesting food culture), a place that's small and intimate, and open till midnight on NYE. I'm less concerned about the quality of the meal or the drinks, and more looking for a sweet, interesting, or odd place to spend the evening, where they won't mind if we're there for a few hours, for the midnight countdown! Bar or restaurant OK. Any thoughts, Montreal chowhounders? Is this a realizable dream?

(Am interested in these kinds of recommendations in general as well, even if they're not open on NYE...)

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  1. Restaurant Dev on Victoria is pretty diverse (ethnic?) and they tend to be open on local holidays but I doubt they would be open till midnight

    DADs bagel is also quite diverse (Sikh). They are usually open 24H but I don't know if they open during holidays.

    Al Taib is probably the most diverse. It is also the most diverse out of the three (although i'm not sure that's the kind of diverse you are looking for), it is small and open 24 and despite being small, it probably wouldn't be what you are looking for because of all the party goers downtown.

    Dev would have the best quality in food, followed by Al Taib and DAD.

    I'm assuming msot bars would be open on NYE but none of them would really be intimate at this time of the year

    1. A tiny restaurant I very much like is Nhu Y, a very small Vietnamese restaurant operated by a couple on Jean-Talon near métro Castelnau. I have no idea of its opening hours though. It will probably be closed on NYE, unless it has special holiday hours, as many small Vietnamese restaurants are closed on Tuesday, and I believe NYE is on a Tuesday this year.

      It is in the same general area as Ange and Ricky (one métro station closer to downtown, a bit west). It is also a byow (or beer) which is nice on NYE even if you don't want to drink a lot, as you can take a split of sparkling wine - or cider. A hint - the authentic Vietnamese dishes are at the end of the menu; they do have generic "pan-Asian" food and the inevitable brochettes as well.

      134 Jean-Talon West
      Montreal, QC H2R 2X1

      Phone number (514) 948-8884

      1. I just read on Facebook that Café Cubano will be open on NYE. It fits the bill pretty well.

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          They don't get much smaller than Café Cubano! That tiny place is always bustling.