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Dec 29, 2013 08:01 AM

Which food products available only in Israel are worthy to bring to the US?

What food products available in Israel but not in the US are worth bringing back? The last discussion on this topic was in 2008, so would love an update. Thanks!

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  1. As we're headed there in about ten days, I'm interested also. I'm not concerned about kosher so maybe I should cross post on the Middle East board. Would you mind?

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      Great! Cross post and please share back here too.

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        Kokosh cake from Maafiyat Angels? I hope you can still go to Angels in the wee hours of the morning or dead of night and pick up your fresh Kokosh. That's what I brought back on the plane 20 years ago.

    2. Depends. How inferior of a quality product are you looking for, again?

      In general, the cost of shipping something from Israel to America is really, really small. (and good quality follows hte money)

      So, there are relatively few products that are in Israel and not in America -- at least of any quality.

      You'd either be looking for "fresh" (hard to take back, with customs)... or things that fit the Israeli taste and not the American one.

      1. I get the impression from my daughter that here is a gum which is available non-kosher inexpensively here in the states that have a very expensive kosher version that is inexpensive in Israel - I believe that it is Wrigley's 5 gum or something like that.

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          5 gum is available in kosher supermarkets in the usa

        2. I don't know if this is really a "food product" but I'm pretty sure that there are kosher Altoids available in Israel.

          1. I know what food products are available in Israel because I live in Jerusalem, but since I haven't set foot in a US grocery store in perhaps 25 years, I have no idea what folks can't get in the US.
            I did hear someone on this board daydreaming about kosher Doritos, come to think of it.
            If there are any types of food products you'd like me to look for on my next trip to the supermarket, I will be happy to report back on their availability.
            Also please see my post about fresh tehina on the Middle East & Africa board.

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              The last time I was in Israel, I think I ate so many bags of those kosher Doritos.....sooo good. Definitely not something I've seen in NYC

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                Nice & lightweight to take back in a suitcase too.