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Dec 28, 2013 10:06 PM


Otaninosushi is definitely little discussed than those hallowed names regularly featured on this board, but it is no less enjoyable, in my humble opinion.
The restaurant is a very busy, full of regulars. The meal starts off with some very nice appetizers. The kawahagi with liver sauce, the ankimo, the grilled shirako and the grilled nodoguro were delicious. The ika innards is a specialty of the restaurant and is very intense in flavor. I also had shimaebi, saba, chinmi, tairagai, buri and shimaaji. Quite a huge range of tsumami.
Whereas in some sushi places (such as Kimura) all diners are served at the same pace, I note that the chef was very attentive to the individual pace and needs of each patron, and adjust volume accordingly. [I note I was served more food than the two ladies sitting next to me]
Moving on to nigiri, the range was no less respectable. For me, the shari strikes the right balance with the fish. The zuke, chu-toro, otoro, madai and kimedai were delicious. The ikura was the best I had had. I also had kohada, aji, uni, akagai, iwashi and anago. The sake suggested by the chef went hand in hand with the sushi.
The bill for the omakase and with two helpings of sake adds up to 28000yen.

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  1. Chinmi refers to small so-called delicacies such as the shiokara you described. It's not an item itself...You should provide the tabelog link or at least some location information. It's not clear from the Romanization what the kanji would be.

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      1. I went to Ootanino a couple months ago and had a wonderful meal. The food is excellent and the counter is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't put the sushi on par with the top-tier places frequently discussed on this board, but it's not as expensive as most of them, and it's an all-around wonderful experience. It's a great place to relax and have a long evening of drinks while you eat sushi, which is not something that can be said for all high-end sushi.