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Dec 28, 2013 09:36 PM


Great Italian sausage with cheese inside. 3 feet long in a swirl. From Newport grilled at home.

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  1. What was the price per pound of Sabatino's sausage> Thanks

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    1. re: Norm Man

      Gift from friend so don't know sorry

      1. re: Norm Man

        Here's a link to their website:

        So glad to hear that they are still providing great food.

        Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary there a few years back. Sunset on Newport Harbor and Frank Sinatra serenading us on the stereo accompanied by a delicious meal and good service.

        1. re: Norm Man

          $8-9/lb. They also have a location in Lake Forest that's much easier to get to than the NB one with less traffic and lots of parking.

        2. Sorry NY/NJ - hell, even Italy cannot compete - but (like Langer's Pastrami sandwich) Sabatino's has the best Italian pork sausage I've ever had.

          THE BEST!!!!!

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          1. re: Ciao Bob

            just grilled another foot of this last night -- it is spectacular, and i agree completely. never even heard of sabatinos, or a sicilian spicy cheese sausage before. now im craving more and more. so gorgeous too in it's snake coil form.

              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                You might be thinking of the Argentine-Italian Santino's (which also has a location on Pacific in Venice). Different kettle of, er, sausage.