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Dec 28, 2013 09:16 PM

Favorite easy, French bistro style cookbook?

Any recommendations for a cookbook with French bistro-style food that's good for weeknight suppers?

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  1. Lydie Marshall's "Chez Nous", Patricia Wells' "Bistro Cooking", "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" (Child and Pepin) are three reliable cookbooks. I stopped buying cookbooks about ten or so years ago, so these suggestions are a bit older,but not so old as to be obsolete. Actually sometimes I use these books for inspiration and sometimes I just read or thumb through them for pleasure of it.

    edit: Lydie Marshall has a website, on which I just learned that "Chez Nous" has been republished as "A Passion for My Provence".

    1. I like Barefoot Contessa in Paris by Ina Garten.

      1. I think Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells is the great, basic Bistro cookbook. The recipes always match what I've eaten at French bistros. I also like Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan, which has a broader focus.

        1. there are quite a few I like, but Patricia Wells' Bistro Cooking lives in my small kitchen bookshelf. I use it the most.