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Dec 28, 2013 08:39 PM

London/Mayfair Easter Sunday 2014

We are back in London in April, and staying at the Park Lane Hilton, Mayfair. My wife just pointed out that we arrive on Saturday, April 19, and that we need a restaurant for Sunday, April 20, Easter Sunday!

I started looking at some old regulars, but being both Sunday, and then Easter Sunday, I am not having much luck.

We are looking for up-scale to fine-dining, and have done many, such as Marcus Wareing @ Berkeley, Gordon Ramsay (Maze, Savoy, the eponymous restaurant and Petrus), Galvin @ Windows, The Greenhouse, Le Gavroche, Tamrind, Alain Ducasse @ Dorchester, and many others, but Sundays are an issue, and then you add in Easter, and I am batting zero.

We do not mind a lovely walk, or even a cab, so Mayfair is only our starting point.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Lunch or dinner? If lunch then The River Cafe maybe an interesting option. It's maintained its solid reputation over the years and would be a good spot for an Easter sunday stroll after lunch.

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      Sorry, my bad - dinner.



      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Agree w/River Cafe. I really like that restaurant.

    2. Sorry to disappoint, but you might have a problem with dinner that day. Everywhere seems to be geared up for the full lunch and then closed in the evening. How come I know this? Because every few years, our wedding anniversary falls on Easter Sunday; we always go out somewhere special on our anniversary, and it's difficult to find somewhere. The hotels do seem to be open (we ended up at the Ritz last time the dates coincided).

      1. Terroirs is good and in a pretty busy area, so they may well be open on Easter Sunday. A list you'll not find anywhere else in London:

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          I do love Terroirs but it's not open on Sundays. Also doesn't really fit the fine dining brief. The Ledbury is open on a Sunday, not sure about Easter Sunday though.

          1. re: Paprikaboy

            The Ledbury is a good choice - a rarity that it's open Sundays. It's also got a fairly serious wine list that may interest Bill.

            1. re: PhilD

              We had a faultless meal at the Ledbury in 12/12. One of the real highlights of the year.

            2. re: Paprikaboy

              I have just contacted The Ledbury, as it sounds about perfect, and would be new to us. I hope to hear back from them soon, and will post the information.

              Though we had planned to dine at Galvin @ Windows, on our arrival day (Saturday), just to make things easy on a couple of jet-lagged Yanks, I also inquired about Saturday at The Ledbury, just in case.

              Thanks for the suggestion, and I will report back.

              In a "worst-case" situation, maybe we just do "street food," on Sunday evening, and get to the fine-dining on a few others?


          2. I know that Locanda Locotelli is open for Sunday dinner, but I do not know if that includes Easter Sunday. It's a wonderful place for a great Italian meal with beautiful service and food.