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Dec 28, 2013 07:39 PM

Pizzeria Delfina now open in Burlingame - any reports?

Anyone been to the new Pizzeria Delfina in Burlingame? Is it as good as the SF location?

Pizzeria Delfina
1444 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame

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  1. I've been here twice but haven't been to the original locations in SF, so I have no basis for comparison.

    My impression is that the pizza is rather good (better than all the Peninsula spots I've tried), but they're still working out the kinks.

    On my first visit in December, the pizzas came out slightly undercooked and not as puffy as I've seen in pictures. They were good but not outstanding. I noticed that some pizzas going to other tables were on the scorched side but had puffier crusts.

    On my second visit this week, the pizzas markedly improved, with a puffy, leavened browned crust, shatteringly crispy exterior and nice chewy interior, all without scorched edges. We tried the Speck, Purgatorio and 4 Cheese on this visit. The Speck was the unanimous favorite - a nice interplay between the smoky speck, slightly bitter green garlic and pecorino, which sort of reminded me of a classic "bianco" pizza, only more interesting.

    This is apparently also the first of the Pizzeria Delfinas to offer pasta. We tried the signature spaghetti. Again, consistency issues between visits. The first time, it was an outstanding prep - perfectly al dente, infused with basil and a little kick from the pepperoncini's. Second visit, it wasn't as good - slightly past al dente and lacking both the basil infusion and spicy kick.

    Service was excellent on both visits.

    Overall, Delfina lives up to the hype and will improve further over time. I'm sure there's even better in SF (I'd really like to try Gialina), but for someone from the South Bay where quality pizza options are scarce, Delfina is a welcome addition to the Peninsula.

    1. We had the salad tricolore, clam pie, and orecchiette. The salad was fine, with shavings of hard cheese (possibly grana padano)and a bright vinaigrette. The pizza was pre-slced, had a very crisp bottom, and several spots on the crust that I thought was overly charred (complete black). I'm not too familiar with Delfina's typical crust having only had two previous pizzas in the Mission , so I'm not sure if this was intended. While the tomato sauce tasted very fresh, the clams did not make much of an impression.

      Best was the pasta. It was a variation on the typical orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage, but the greens came as a puree, with pine nuts mixed in later to form a kind of pesto. The pasta itself had great chew and each separated from another. I prefer the flavor of Barbacco's more, but the pasta here is superior. I'd go back for the pasta, but would try another pizza next time.

      1. I tried it two weeks ago, it was great as usual.