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Pizzeria Delfina now open in Burlingame - any reports?

Anyone been to the new Pizzeria Delfina in Burlingame? Is it as good as the SF location?

Pizzeria Delfina
1444 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame

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  1. I've been here twice but haven't been to the original locations in SF, so I have no basis for comparison.

    My impression is that the pizza is rather good (better than all the Peninsula spots I've tried), but they're still working out the kinks.

    On my first visit in December, the pizzas came out slightly undercooked and not as puffy as I've seen in pictures. They were good but not outstanding. I noticed that some pizzas going to other tables were on the scorched side but had puffier crusts.

    On my second visit this week, the pizzas markedly improved, with a puffy, leavened browned crust, shatteringly crispy exterior and nice chewy interior, all without scorched edges. We tried the Speck, Purgatorio and 4 Cheese on this visit. The Speck was the unanimous favorite - a nice interplay between the smoky speck, slightly bitter green garlic and pecorino, which sort of reminded me of a classic "bianco" pizza, only more interesting.

    This is apparently also the first of the Pizzeria Delfinas to offer pasta. We tried the signature spaghetti. Again, consistency issues between visits. The first time, it was an outstanding prep - perfectly al dente, infused with basil and a little kick from the pepperoncini's. Second visit, it wasn't as good - slightly past al dente and lacking both the basil infusion and spicy kick.

    Service was excellent on both visits.

    Overall, Delfina lives up to the hype and will improve further over time. I'm sure there's even better in SF (I'd really like to try Gialina), but for someone from the South Bay where quality pizza options are scarce, Delfina is a welcome addition to the Peninsula.

    1. We had the salad tricolore, clam pie, and orecchiette. The salad was fine, with shavings of hard cheese (possibly grana padano)and a bright vinaigrette. The pizza was pre-slced, had a very crisp bottom, and several spots on the crust that I thought was overly charred (complete black). I'm not too familiar with Delfina's typical crust having only had two previous pizzas in the Mission , so I'm not sure if this was intended. While the tomato sauce tasted very fresh, the clams did not make much of an impression.

      Best was the pasta. It was a variation on the typical orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage, but the greens came as a puree, with pine nuts mixed in later to form a kind of pesto. The pasta itself had great chew and each separated from another. I prefer the flavor of Barbacco's more, but the pasta here is superior. I'd go back for the pasta, but would try another pizza next time.

      1. I tried it two weeks ago, it was great as usual.

            1. I have been a fan of Pizzera Delfina, California Street location, for quite some time. I got to try the Burlingame location today.

              The food was great. Certainly the equal of the California Street location. We started with a tuna and white bean salad that was delicious. We shared a salsiccia pizza that was quite spicy. It had that crisp, and blackened in spots crust that is what I really enjoy at Delfina. Loved the pizza. We also like the wine list, interesting Italian and California wines by the glass or bottle.

              The place was packed at lunchtime (about 1pm) but opened up a lot by the time we were finishing. They are open continuously from lunch through dinner so if you can go at off hours that would probably make for a more leisurely meal.

              It's pretty small so not good for large parties, but if you are a party of two you can get get seated with a short wait (about 10 minutes for us today).

              We loved our food. Service was great, even though it's kind of a causal place they pay attention to detail.

              The city of Burlingame is repaving the entire street in front of the restaurant and who knows how long that will take. That is probably a detriment to the restaurant, because it makes it hard to find (streets are blocked off to traffic) and hard to find parking if you are not familiar with Burlingame.

              One other note, the restaurant is quite noisy (high ceilings) and they were playing loud music. I don't remember the other Delfina location playing any intrusive music.

              Summary, great food, great service, logistics are a bit of a minus.

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                Great report! You reminded me of this photo of a customer complaint that I took at the California Street location.

                "Dear Delfina -
                Led Zep is meant for large stadiums, not small restaurants. Mr. Plant would agree.
                Deaf Customer"


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                  As much as I love Led Zep, and many other musical styles, just not want to hear it while you are dining.

              2. Stopped into Pizzeria Delfina Burlingame Sunday following my daughter’s swim class down there for their party/benefit to celebrate the re-opening of Burlingame Ave (which ironically was still being worked on and not fully open). Whole pig roast with porchetta sandwiches, servers walked around with veggie frito misto, cucumber salad with mint, gazpacho, arancini, and pizza after pizza that came out of the oven – rotation from the menu. Back patio had Unti pouring wines and 2 varieties of Anchor Steam on tap. Oh right, and a mozzarella bar upstairs with hand pulled mozz, burratta, roasted veggies and prosecco being poured. Also house made gelato and root beer floats. All for the $20 pp, kids free. Never got crowded and I might never have left but had a kiddie party to attend at 3:00, so we rolled out of there bursting at the seams. Unbelievably decadent Sunday afternoon.

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                  Sunnyside, I'd wish I'd know about that party, I would have loved to go!

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                    Just get on their email list for future events. The funny thing was the hostess said that people were showing up to eat lunch then walking away because they didn't want to pay the $20 pp. I don't think they realized the bounty that awaited inside.