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Dec 28, 2013 05:04 PM

Large group for dinner in Manhattan/Williamsburg

I'm going to be celebrating a big birthday and a friend who will have just moved to NYC from London at the end of January. I'd love to find a laid-back restaurant that can take reservations for 10-12 people, ideally with a round table rather than rectangle. One person is gluten free, but other than that, no food preferences. Because of the range of budgets in the group, the cheaper the better.

Through some digging, I've come up with:
- Fiore and Qi in Williamsburg
- Supper/Lil Frankie's and Lombardi's (the upstairs) in Manhattan.

Williamsburg would be preferable because we'll have a back area at a bar reserved for after (since I don't know of any bars off the top of my head in the East Village area that take reservations). Any suggestions and recommendations very welcome!

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  1. I recommend you also post on outer boroughs for w'burg recs.
    inoteca on les has a great space and reasonable pricing options for groups, def call them.

    Pegu club will take res for groups and has excellent cocktails

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      Thanks, Ttrockwood. I did post in outer boroughs, so we'll see!

      The $40 prix fixe at 'inoteca (food only) will be a little out of some people's budgets; if it's possible to avoid prix fixe, that'd be ideal. The Pegu reservation is a great one (though if I have more than 10 people we'd have to get there before 6.30pm. Drinks before dinner may be a little risky, ha!).