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Dec 28, 2013 04:55 PM

Large group for dinner in Williamsburg/Manhattan

I'm going to be celebrating a big birthday and a friend who will have just moved to NYC from London at the end of January. I'd love to find a laid-back restaurant that can take reservations for 10-12 people. One person is gluten free, but other than that, no other food preferences. But because of the range of budgets in the group, the cheaper the better.

Through some digging, I've come up with Fiore and Qi in Williamsburg and Supper/Lil Frankie's and Lombardi's (the upstairs) in Manhattan. Williamsburg would be preferable because we'll have a back area at a bar reserved there for after (since I don't know of any bars off the top of my head in the East Village area that take reservations). Any suggestions and recommendations very welcome!

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  1. Maybe Samurai Mama at the big table? Or Betto? Both in Williamsburg.

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      Thanks, chompchomp! You have to do the prix fixe at Samurai, but the food looks good. Betto seems to have closed down.

      Has anyone tried Fiore or Qi with a big group? A round table would be ideal, as well!

    2. Bumping to see if anyone has been to Qi (I've read mixed reviews about their service, especially for large groups), Biblio, Trix, or Mable's? Thanks so much!

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        Qi service can be a bit wacky. If you went that route, I would call and book ahead and plan a set menu. The place can look and feel very empty sometimes too...Mable's I was going to suggest. Everyone just orders cafeteria style and they bring you the food. You can call ahead about booking a table but wouldn't need to do anything about the food. Pitchers of beer are quite cheap and so is the food...Trix is seafood and probably best to pre-plan meal. I don't know Biblio...Mable's would be the most stress free in terms of planning and execution for a group that size. I've been there with same sized groups myself multiple times.

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          Thanks so much!! This was very reassuring. Hassle-free is the way to go with such big groups, so I went with Mable's. The reservation process was super easy, it's fine for gluten-free people...I can't wait! Thanks again.