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Dec 28, 2013 04:42 PM

Savannah St. Pat's weekend. Itinerary help.

We are visiting Savannah for the first time over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We had no idea it was such a big deal when we booked a Spring Break getaway! We are leaving the evening of the 17th, so should be able to see some of the parade…We are staying at rented apt on Jones St, near Firefly café. We will have a car.

Fri: arrive late afternoon. Thinking of heading to the Riverfront (before it gets too crazy??). Maybe drinks at Rocks on the Roof and dinner at Cha Bella.

Sat: Segway tour of Bonaventure Cemetery at 1P.
Thinking of Mrs Wilkies for lunch. Do we have any hope of not waiting forever? Or maybe Clary’s Café? Hate to admit to, but Lady and Sons is also on the list.
For dinner, Local 11 ten with drinks on the rooftop bar

Sun: Tybee Island visit. Lunch at AJ’s Dockside.
Want something more casual and less expensive for dinner. Crystal Beer Parlor? Again, is this crazy for such a busy weekend? Maybe we should opt for something with reservations? Would be nice if walking distance from our house. Any recommendations?

Mon: Leave later afternoon. Not sure where to hit up for lunch before we go, because of the parade. Maybe Johnny Harris, which is out of the fray? Any recs?

Thanks. Will be sure to report back.

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  1. I'll try again.
    Now thinking:
    Fri: Green Truck for burgers and then head to the Riverfront for drinks at Rocks on the Roof and dessert at Lulu's Chocolate bar.
    Sat: Probably Clary's cafe and still Local 11 ten
    Sun: Cha Bella
    Mon--still maybe Johnny Harris. Any other options?