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Dec 28, 2013 04:34 PM

Indo Cafe recommendations?

i will be at indo cafe in haller lake sometime next month. what shall i order? i am interested in food that is not americanized and something that ex-pats may yearn to eat. i am not afraid to try new foods. my only caveat is the spicy level. i am at best a 2 star at talay thai and a "medium hot" at most korean restaurants. i have heard that indonesian food can be crazy spicy.
thank you!

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  1. Ask the server - they are really helpful. I loved spicy chicken
    Dishes and the veggie dish kang kung cah terasi.

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    1. re: akq

      heh, i suppose i could ask the server! but i'd rather go in with some rudimnetary information before throwing myself to at the mercy of the server. :-))

      i really know almost nothing about indonesian food and i was hoping some chowhounds would suggest some dishes i could look for on the menu beyond the chicken satay and mi gorengs.

      i find the wait staff at some restaurants tend to suggest the "americanized" dishes when asked for suggestions. (are we back to the secreet menu as chinese restaurant thread?)
      this would be like me suggesting teriayaki and california rolls to someone who was interested in exploring japanese cuisine.
      anyway, suggestions on what to look for the menu would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

      1. re: ritabwh

        Hope it worked out. Sorry my suggestions weren't helpful enough for ya.