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Dec 28, 2013 03:34 PM

Authentic Greek in Fairfield County, is there such a thing?

Looking for the real deal willing to travel to New Haven or Eben Westchester county.

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  1. I'm not Greek, but I'll take a stab at this one anyway....

    Pontos Taverna in Norwalk seems as authentic as possible. I believe it originated as a Greek-American social hall (the Pontian society) that morphed from a club to a restaurant that is open to the public. Nearly everyone who works there seems to be able to speak the language. I am not familiar enough with the regional distinctions of Greek cuisine to know whether this is truly representative of a specific region, but the restaurant prides itself on its authenticity.

    I also enjoy EOS in Stamford, which is a bit more upscale, and I believe it also endeavors to provide authentic cuisine.



    1. There's also Estia in Norwalk, CT, haven't been here yet. Pontos is really good for the platters.

      For Greek pizza, salads, platters, there's

      Athens, Stamford, CT
      Hope Street, Stamford, CT
      Atlantic St., Stamford, CT
      Post Corner, Darien, CT.

      The Greek style pizzas and greek salads are pretty much awesome at all four places.

      My favorite local Mediterranean, more Israeli I guess, is Tabouli Grille in a strip mall. Kam Pei next door is theee shiznit for Japanese.

      Orem's Diner is a family run Greek Diner in Wilton, CT, my favorite weekend breakfast place.

      If you're willing to make the trek, I think Astoria, Queens (Ditmus Ave.) is like Greektown heaven.