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Dec 28, 2013 03:26 PM

Restaurants open on New Year's Day [San Francisco]

We'll be visiting SF during New Year's week and are staying at a hotel near the Marina with no restaurant. Does anyone know of restaurants that will be open on Wednesday?

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    1. Our anniversary is 1/1, so we go through this annually.

      We're going to Rivoli in Berkeley. Both Rivoli and it's trattoria Corso are open. In the City, I noticed that Aziza is open, as are some others. Aziza will be a cab/car ride from the Marina, but a good choice.

      I researched restaurants open on the 1st by going to Open Table, then selecting January 1st, and a target dinner time. It gave me a list of all the participating OT places that are open. I also went directly to the websites of restaurants I was interested in, just to see.

      Unfortunately, I think a lot of places put on a party on NYE, then sleep it off on the 1st, assuming that their clientele is doing the same.

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        Thanks, I'll check out Open Table.