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Dec 28, 2013 12:41 PM

Fresh Udon noodles??

Stopped at local little Asian market yesterday. Needed rice wine vinegar & always buy their eggs... jumbos are never over $2 a dozen. Tofu dipped outta big tubs. Scallions. "Onions"... shallots... 1 lb for $1.50. "Leeks"... super garlicky chives compared to supermarket leeks. Discovered only had about $5 cash in wallet... had to spend $15 to used debit/credit card... NOT a hard thing to do in this neat little store.

Haven't even scratched the surface in the dried noodle aisle. Bought a package of fresh udon noodles... 1 lb. WAY more than I'll eat at once... easily 3 servings for me. Know they really don't need to "cook"... a minute or so in boiling water is all. Have some super BEEFY broth from a little hunka meat I slow cooked yesterday.

Can I freeze them?? Know when I cook too much pasta (like ALWAYS), can freeze and revve with a dip in simmering water to loosen up.

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  1. Does the bag/package....say Use or Freeze by xxxxx

    1. Yes.

      Yes. We always have several bags of previously fresh udon in our freezer.

      1. I would freeze uncooked fresh udon but not already cooked....

        I love asian markets! I have also found great frozen dumplings and dried noodles from unusual ingredients ( like sweet potato!)

        1. You can freeze uncooked fresh udon noodles, I saw instructions to do just that with the unused portion of a bag I recently bought.
          On a related note, how should udon taste? I've had it at restaurants but never bought it fresh before. I thought it smelled very doughy and tasted a bit sour. It was not expired but is that the way its supposed to taste?

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            It shouldn't taste sour, in my experience. Yes a bit doughy but not mushy or sticky unless overcooked.

            As long as you don't buy the $0.99 package ready-to-eat crap like these:


            They taste horrid with a chemically after taste.

            I buy udon from an Asian chain called T&T Supermarket (ori
            ginally part of the 99 Ranch Market throughout western US) and it's a frozen variety made in Japan. It's around Cdn$8 for a large package of 6 udon bricks. When cooked it tastes like what udon tastes like in an authentic Japanese restaurant. I don't have the brand name but next time I go to T&T I'll try to write it down.

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Thanks for your response. I bought the Nasoya brand from WF in the refrigerated section. Just didn't taste like at a restaurant. I will have to try a more authentic brand.

              1. re: WhatsEatingYou

                Are you sure you bought udon noodles and not the nasoya shirataki noodles?
                Like these:
                The shirataki has a very weird/sour/odd flavor if not rinsed well and even then they're kind of horrible IMO

                1. re: Ttrockwood

                  The cheapy ones not refrigerated have a weird sour chemically taste too:


                  I bought something like this (frozen) and they were good:


                  This blog talks about Sanuki udons: