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Dec 28, 2013 12:23 PM

Potato Pancakes in Lower Westchester

I know Hannukah is over, but I have a craving for potato pancakes. Any suggestions in lower Westchester?

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  1. Eden (formerly Syon) has them, maybe Epstein's too. The Golden frozen brand is pretty decent as you might know.

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    1. re: The_Way

      Epsteins' has them but they are awful. Big and thick and greasy.

    2. the Trader Joe frozen ones are not bad.

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      1. re: rolise

        I think the ones from TJ are pretty good.

        1. re: valerie

          Actually, I have not tried them but heard from someone else they are really good.

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            another vote for tj's frozen latkes- a little apple sauce and all set

      2. Home made are the best. Very simple to make. Never had a good one in a restaurant.

        1. It isn't Southern Westchester, and they closed 30 years ago, but the best potato pancakes I ever had were at a German Deli in Ossining! Delicious.

          1. The best I've ever bought were from June and Ho in Rye. They are freshly made there. Check and see if they are still making them or if they only had them for the holiday.

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            1. re: debmom

              Not surprised...they usually have the best everything.