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Dec 28, 2013 09:00 AM

Duck to cook

I have cooking friends in other states who have no trouble finding duck. It seems only frozen whole ducks by Maple Leaf brand are available in the Concord NH area. I was surprised that nobody in NH seems to be raising ducks for meat. I have never cooked duck. If you cook duck, where do you buy it? I sometimes get to the Nashua and Portsmouth areas although Manchester would be easier. A road trip further away is possible.

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  1. Fresh Market in Bedford might be worth a try. 603.626.3420

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      Additionally, if you do track down some nice duck, I just recalled that the December issue of Saveur, issue #161 has a feature on duck with cooking tips and several recipes. Very informative. The cover is a photo of a gorgeous platter of roast duck in mandarin orange sauce - yum!

      I subscribe, but you are in luck as Saveur generously makes available some of their current content on their site.

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        Well, Darn, Dave, now I HAVE to try cooking a duck. The Roast Duck in Mandarin Orange Sauce does look very tasty. Thanks for the link to those recipes!

        I did see turducken at Fresh Market in Bedford. I should have asked if they had fresh duck. Thanks for the reminder and phone number.

    2. I am pretty sure Fresh Market would order a fresh duck for you. Also Market Basket is pretty good about special orders. We bought a bunch of sweetbreads that someone had special ordered and did not pick up.

      1. Sam's Club in Nashua has some refrigerated duck halves (2 halves to a package) available now -- I believe it is a seasonal item.

        1. BJ's in Hooksett was selling whole fresh (i.e. not frozen) Maple Leaf duck today. Got one for $14. There were 3 or 4 left. There are many preparations for a roast duck; I find the simpler the prep the better.

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            thanks for the heads up - I went north and did some shopping at the Tilton Market Basket. No ducks at all. I think our daughter-in-law has a BJ's membership. I'll ask her to look for duck when she goes.

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              Wonder if the Nashua BJ's has them now....I've never seen them there before.

            2. Several local farms raise duck. We've bought fresh duck at both the Dover and the Exeter Farmer's markets. For the life of me can't think of the name of the specific farms, but generally it is the same farms that sell duck and chicken eggs. I'd think a search on the NH Dept. Ag site will help you locate those that are closest to you in Concord.

              As for fresh duck in stores, back in the day Saigon Market had it occasionally, but I've never seen it in the Nashua location, and now that Manchester is closed not sure if they'd bring it in. The Cambodian groceries in Lowell often have fresh duck; ditto the Chinese & Viet Namese groceries in Boston. Getting too far a field for you, I know.

              Otherwise the closest I've seen fresh duck in a "conventional" grocery is Roche Bros. in Burlington, Ma. They sometimes have the fresh Bell & Evans ducks on the shelf--especially this time of year. If there's a grocery near you that carries Bell & Evans brand, you might ask them if you can order a fresh duck.

              Whatever the case, a fresh bird will be about double the price of the frozen Maple Leaf ducks.

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                I couldn't find duck farmers on NH Dept of Ag info but I was surprised nobody in NH was raising duck for meat. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep looking. I've been able to get to H-Mart in Burlington MA about once or twice a year. Noticed someone on the Boston threads was also looking. when the weather is good, might be time to do a Boston field trip. The bus to South Station is almost in Chinatown.

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                  We've had duck from the live poultry purveyor in Chinatown, quite good, and IIRC, they have Muscoy as well as Peking.

                  If I can track down the name of the farm(s) we got the duck from in Dover and Exeter markets, I'll post it. I assume they have duck all year, but we only see them during the summer farmers markets, so really I don't know for sure.

                  Also, closer to you, does the Healthy Buffalo carry local poultry? I can't remember. But we've bought fresh local rabbit from them a couple of times, and it has been good. Perhaps worth a call.