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Dec 28, 2013 07:46 AM

Depressed and Lost Appetite

I am going through a painful divorce and have found it extremely difficult at times to have an appetite or enjoy food. I assume this is because I ordinarily love to cook and eat, and associate those pleasures with happiness. Anyone else go through something similar?

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  1. I have no advice other than to wish you well. I hope you have friends and family to help and support you during this difficult time.

    1. Like a bad cold, this, too, shall pass.

      1. Nicole- I just watched this as I was surfing Yahoo and thought of you.

        One thing she says in the video if is find one thing that is special or amazing each day-it might even be that bite of Fage yogurt with honey.

        Maybe you can find that one thing or taste that can bring you memory of joy or a sense of happiness

        1. Absolutely, Nicole. I experienced exactly the same thing, in exactly the same circumstance. Nothing but coffee and water for the best part of two months...nothing tasted good.

          Not the way to shed 36 pounds in six weeks...not healthy.

          Please hang in there and try to get yourself to make something you love...something easy and delicious.

          On the other side of MY experience, I gained a wonderful wife and stepdaughter....could not be happier.

          You will get there, also.

          Please stay strong....and healthy.

          1. I'm sorry to hear this. I can relate on some level-in times of grief/sadness/stress, my appetite is shot. In the short term, i found smoothies (boosted with various raw vegetables and supplements) were less taxing than "real food".

            I wish you well in the coming year. Take care.