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Dec 28, 2013 05:53 AM

Yummy food, great local brews in Asheville?

Hi All,
We are traveling to Asheville in 2 weeks and would like a fun, casual place to eat dinner on Sunday night. I heard that Asheville has the greatest craft beer scene outside of CO, so would love to try someplace that has great beer AND great food.
Besides the Sunday night restriction, it would be nice if there were a couple of healthful things on the menu. :)
FYI, we love Zambra and Limones, really liked Rezaz (not sure if that is still open) and had mixed feelings about Curate. And we are eating at The Admiral the following night.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wicked Weed has very good food and great beers.

    1. I'd look at Wicked Weed - definitely my favorite local brewery, better than average food to boot. I've somewhat gotten over the fact that their service (especially when seating diners) can really suck if they're busy. They offer a market plate w/ seasonal veggies and make a tasty bison burger (sub fries for a yummy arugula salad)...all of which should fit the "healthful" bill. LAB is hit or miss for me both food and beer-wise but when it's on it is on. I just wish it would be more consistent. In the River Arts District you've got Wedge which doesn't serve food but you could have a few beers there and then walk to The Junction, Pizza Pura or Bull and Beggar which are all good (check to make sure they're open) - and they will all have a decent selection of local brews on tap. In fact, most any restaurant discussed on here will have a nice selection of local beer available from different breweries so if the food is more important to you then I'd feel confident picking a place for that...the beer will be there. You'll love The Admiral!

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        Thanks Miss Piggy! All of these sound like viable options. Not being extremely familiar with Asheville geography, where is the River Arts district? Is that close to downtown?

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          It's a little over a mile...just far enough from downtown not to be walkable...but a very, very short drive. Again, check out the hours of the three I listed (and add White Duck Taco!) to make sure they are open on Sunday. Oh yeah, and Wedge is mostly outdoor seating so bundle up if you go! The beer is great. Enjoy!

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            Great beer (though no food, alas) at Hi-Wire Brewing on Hilliard.

      2. Try the Barleycorn in West Ashevillefor GREAT food and beer