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Dec 28, 2013 04:02 AM

L'Artusi vs. Dell'Anima vs. I sodi

Looking for a lively Italian place around village area and i came up with those 3 candidates out of which i've been only to L'artusi and liked it. One of us doesn't eat pork and shellfish and prefer red meat over fish so we prefer a place that has some meat on its menu or on its usual specials.
what would you choose with budget fits those kind of places or any other good place recommended ? Thanks in advance.

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  1. both l'artusi and dell'anima are great, although I prefer l'artusi just a bit. haven't been to i sodi.

    you could also take a look at rosemary's or lupa.

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      I sodi is great but much quieter than dell'anima or l'artusi. You should also look at Ristorante Rafele on 7th Avenue South. Great food, reasonable prices. The chef used to cook at Bella Vitae on Minetta Street

    2. have been to i sodi many times food is priced fair and portions are nice .make resy's early as they tend to get booked quickly and it is small in their