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Looking for the perfect Wok

Just moved to LA in June (from Philadelphia). Haven't gotten out much, but when I do I'm always in search for good Chinese. From what I've heard the Chinese food scene isn't much of a scene at all. A friend told me there isn't any Lo Mein(only chow mien). So I turn to you LA Chowhounders, where is the best Chinese food?

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  1. Welcome to LA. Whereas it is hard to get a good cheesesteak here the San Gabriel Valley is perhaps the greatest aggregation of Chinese restaurants in the world outside of Hong Kong. I suggest you search that, or posts by chandavkl, or ipsedixit, or Monterey Park, Temple City, Valley Blvd., Sea Garden, Seafood Village, XLB, 101 Noodle Express...I hope you get the point. Whoever told you there is no Chinese food scene here...well, to be mild...was totally wrong. Lo mein? You can get more different varieties of noodles than you have ever dreamed of here...and then there are dumplings...and so much more. Welcome to LA. You will never miss the cheesesteaks.

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      "... the greatest aggregation of Chinese restaurants in the world outside of Hong Kong..."

      Not quite (China mainland has quite a few Chinese restaurants, if memory serves, as does Vancouver), but I DO agree with ebethsdad's recommendation of reading posts by chandavkl, ipsedixit, TonyC, etc.

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        Whereas it is hard to get a good cheesesteak here the San Gabriel Valley is perhaps the greatest aggregation of Chinese restaurants in the world outside of Hong Kong.

        Whoa there, mon ami.

        SGV (both west and east) are great and perhaps (or *is*) the best in the United States. But world? Heck, SGV isn't even the best in North America (see: Vancouver and Toronto).

        But yeah, SGV has it going on if you want good, diverse Chinese food at basically any price point.

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          My bad. I'll go back to lurking, and learning from those who know more.

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            Don't be silly.

            99% of the people posting here (myself included) are wrong. The other 1% is kevin.

            Right or wrong, posting is the best way to interact and learn. Heck, if you hadn't posted, you'd still be under the illusion that SGV was the best in the world (ex. HK), right?

      2. Lol your poor friend lives a sheltered life.

        1. You did do a search on "Chinese food" for this board and noticed the many, MANY threads from people who are/were looking for the specific type of Chinese food served in their hometown/state that bares little-to-no resemblance to the food served in LA or in the SGV?

          If not, you might want to read those threads, this thread in particular (since this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8061...


          It also might help if you specified which part of LA you're in and how far you're willing to drive.

          1. You might want to check out New Moon Cafe at FIGat7th (just opened) or also their New Moon Restaurant in Downtown LA. They have "Lo Mein" on the menu.

            New Moon Cafe
            735 S.Figueroa Street
            Los Angeles CA 90017

            The New Moon Restaurant
            102 W.9th St.
            Los Angeles CA 90015


            1. Your sources are probably referring only to their knowledge of their local areas, because there is an extremely vibrant Chinese food scene in the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) just east of downtown LA. Hundreds of thousands of SGV residents have Chinese ancestry.

              Where do you live? Are you looking for Americanized or for more "authentic" Chinese food?

              1. Get on the 10. Go east. Get off at Garvey exit in Monterrey Park. Turn north. Or south. You will be in Chinese food paradise throughout Monterrey Park.

                Truly, LA is one of the great Chinese food capitals of the world. Welcome!

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                  You are probably thinking of Garfield instead of Garvey, because there is no Garvey exit.

                  1. re: raytamsgv

                    There is actually a Garvey exit on the 10 listed in sigalert.com....

                    But I agree that the poster probably meant Garfield....

                    1. re: ilysla

                      It's technically signed as the "Ramona Blvd" exit, but there are a couple green signs off to the side of the freeway "Garvey Ave SECOND EXIT" and "Garvey Ave LEFT LANE."

                      That said, Garvey is East/West, and EarlyBird said to turn North or South "be in Chinese food paradise throughout Monterrey Park," which really fits Garfield more.

                      Not trying to be pedantic; merely trying to ease any confusion.

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                        I think it's appropriate to be pedantic on Chowhound, no? ;)

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                        Correct! Get off on Garfield and go north or south. Thanks for the correction.

                  2. Thanks everyone. I truly appreciate the suggestions all I'll do my best to try all the different places.

                    1. Don't listen to chowhound. They'll take you to real Chinese food from China. You're from Philly and you're asking for lo mein so I interpret that to mean you want good old fashioned East Coast Chinese-style American food.

                      Go to Fu's Palace. I'm pretty sure it's 100 years old and there's more old Jewish New Yorkers eating there than Chinese people. It's what you want.

                      Here's a pic of their lo mein http://s3-media3.ak.yelpcdn.com/bphot...

                      Does that look about right?

                      I will say this though: it's worth it to go after the real Chinese food people are steering you towards, just be aware that it's completely different from what you're looking for. You just might like it better. We all do. But Fu's will take care of your needs.

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                        To be honest it doesn't matter. I'd like real Chinese food or East Coast style Chinese. I just want something good.

                        1. re: Hungrierthanever

                          Then get real Chinese. LA's EC Chinese restaurants are just passable. I retract my statement; do listen to chowhound.