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Dec 27, 2013 07:51 PM

Private Party for 100+ !


I need to host an event in February for 100 -125 people.
We would need a private room, dinner (buffet or sit down) and open bar (wine & beer) for under $100 pp (excl. tax & tip)

If it could be in walking distance of the Holiday Inn Wall Street (51 Nassau St) that would be ideal. But I'm happy to consider locations that are a subway trip away.

Any help at all would be appreciated!

Thank You!

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  1. Giardino d'Oro on Gold St. can certainly hold a private party that size but I'm only guessing they could work up a menu or buffet for your price point. Not sure about the open bar.

    1. Great suggestions. They look gorgeous and have the date free.

      Any other suggestions will be appreciated-- hopefully about $75-$80 pp???