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Dec 27, 2013 06:31 PM

Sushi restaurant with more than sushi

Hey all,

Here's the deal: I've got picky eaters in from out of town, one sushi freak, one who cannot stand sushi (how the hell did they get married, right?) so i am looking for recommendations for a sushi place that has enough fare other than sushi that the non-sushi eater won't give me a hard time for the rest of her visit. Location doesn't really matter, willing to travel for the right place. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Ribbon Izakaya ( LES) would be my top choice. The sushi is really good ( especially omakase at the sushi bar), the cooked skewers are great ( esp. scallop), the cooked food is all good and is more "gourmet" or different, than the usual Japanese cooked food.. The atmosphere is very nice. ( big space and more of a scene). Cocktails are good.
    Another choice would be Takahachi, where they have the usual damon teriyaki, dumplings beef negamaki etc plus many inventive rolls that a sushi hater might even try.
    Another is Nobu, where the King crab tempura is my recommendation. Its huge and is good.
    Kanoyama, good sushi, many cooked dishes

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        +1 for blue ribbon izakaya

        Last time i went to morimoto for drinks and a light meal they had some great raw fish apps and a selection of both sushi and non sushi on the menu

      2. Rue 57.

        French Bistro cum Sushi Bar.

        But I was not brave, nor foolish (?), enough to try. Perhaps you can and report back.

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          Rue 57 sushi is dangerous. You were wise .

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              LOL, yeah, it's the same people as Shelley's, good tourist trap. Even Brooklyn diner is better, but they don't have sushi.
              Lure is another cooked food place that has sushi, but all I would chance there was a California roll.

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              Only decent thing there are the burgers, and they are overpriced. But when I worked in the area doing delivery at 3:30pm was a lifesaver.

              Have you though about sushi dojo? I think they do cooked entrees as well.

              Nobu is good and incredibly trendy Japanese but not incredible sushi.

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                Nobu is mediocre all-round. Maybe it was good back in 1994.

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                  The same sushi chef that was there in 1994, was still there until about a month ago, when he died. The sushi I think was still the same, They still have the best jalapeƱo yellowtail ( their invention). However, better sushi places have opened up in NYC since 1994.

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                    Yea, maybe on a comparative basis. Always mediocre, but the appearance of more proper sushi places in the last 20 years brought that mediocrity to the fore.

                    Although in 1994 you had Kurumazushi and Sushisay ruling the roost. But I digress.

          1. You're talking about my parents. They've been married for 49 years, so I guess they reached some kind of agreement I am not privy to.

            1. We went to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill and were not disappointed. Had some Ohtoro, wild caught yellowtail, amberjack, red snapper, salmon and a bunch of maki. Their NY Strip Steak (ordered by our non sushi eater) came with tempura scallions that made regular onion rings look pathetic by comparison. A very nice dinner. Thanks for the suggestions!

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                Thanks for reporting back! So glad you had a great meal there