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"Old fashioned" Steak House: Where?!

I don't want to go to Burch, where it's too loud and the sides are trendy and not traditional (not to mention laughably priced for what you get). I don't want to go to Manny's where the portions are too large.

I want to go to a steakhouse where the meat is great, the potatoes are perfectly baked or au gratin, and the ice cold salad comes with a great blue cheese dressing.

Where can I do that in the Twin Cities, anymore?!

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  1. We have visited Murray's for special occasions over the last 20 years or so. I think it would certainly qualify as "old fashioned". As far as portions goes, we normally do a family style with the silver-butter knife steak and/or chateaubriand. However, during our last visit (first post-remodel visit) , I found that that appetizers, salads, and sides were a notch below where they should have been. The steak, however, was a as good always.

      1. Jensen's, Mancini's, Lindy's, Porterhouse, Gordy's, Weiderholt's...perhaps others will chime in with more West of the river suggestions.

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          I've been to Mancini's and Lindy's. Both tick certain boxes off the "old-fashioned steak house" checklist.

          Mancini's serves a decent piece of meat. And it's hard to screw up a baked potato. But I'd enjoy it more if it didn't come with food-service squibs of sour cream and butter. And the greens could be more adventurous than a soggy-bottomed wedge of iceberg lettuce. If I was okay with those sides, I'd save $$$ and go to the <fill in name of town here> Best Steak House.

          Lindy's, IME, has a very limited menu. And yet, somehow, that repetition does not seem to improve the quality of what is placed before the diner. I had an okay meal there, but for the money and the small amount of menu deviation permitted, I expected better execution.

          I'm interested to see what other posters suggest. I'm guessing that, if Manny's is out based on portion size, then Ruth's Chris, Morton's, and probably are out, too.

          If I were in the market for a steak house, I think I'd check out The Strip Club or maybe the Capital Grille. I can't recall hearing anything negative about them recently (or ever).

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            There is a group of us (10+/-) that have been going to area "supper clubs" once every couple of months or so for the last 1 1/2 years and have hit up quite a few now. One I forgot to mention was Bob Smith's Sports Club Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in Hudson. They do not seem to have a web site.

            Mancini's - Agreed - I was not thrilled last time I was there and ordered the filet/lobster tail combo with the drawn butter that was served in a plastic cup. Very tacky for the price point and Nick is probably rolling in his grave. At least the grilled dark bread has not seemed to change.

            Yes, Lindy's does have a very limited menu, but you have to admit that the place has a certain charm.

            The Strip Club hits it out of the park on all levels, but I would not consider it an "old fashioned" steak house.

            I have a problem calling any chain an "old fashioned" steak house, but that's just me.

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              i would love to read reviews of all the supper clubs... did you post that anywhere?

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                No sorry I have not and didn't plan on it. I know, not very chowish of me. The group is too large, we are too social and loud, and of course imbibe too much when we gather. All things that are not really conducive to producing a productive report. I guess I could write about my own food and experience, but sometimes my food and experience is much different from others in the group. I have had awesome food and my neighbor not happy with theirs. Same with the service. In some ways not totally fair to the establishment to report.

                There are also a couple of places we have gone, but I did not mention as our experience overall was not a good one.

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                  I don't want to hijack this thread, but would you mind starting a new thread and just list out the supper clubs that you've visited?

                  We watched a nice 2hr documentary on supper clubs that mostly focused on those in Wisconsin. I would love to start hitting a few here in Minnesota, taste the food, and down a few brandy old fashions!

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                is Bob Smith's Sports Club Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in Hudson still open? I thought it was being turned into another moose-themed sports bar.

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                  Apparently it is. We went there about a year ago and yes, it was in need of a makeover.


          2. Besides the other suggestions listed, perhaps Kincaid's?

              1. How about the Monte Carlo or JD Hoyt's?

                1. Murray's gets as old fashion as there is in ambiance and decor. The steaks are great too. To me it is an institution.

                  1. I agree with you. Go to Murray's.

                    1. Jax Cafe or Murray's. Not Lindy's, not ever.

                      1. I haven't been to the Lexington (St Paul, on Grand Ave) and in a while but I'd think that would fit the bill.

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                          Maybe the reason you haven't been to the Lexington recently is that it's been closed for a while.

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                            ha, whoops--that's too bad. I guess I'll second Murray's as a nice classic steak place, then.

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                                Let's hope someone gets it right. It's a treasured classic, but it needs repairs, a good cleaning, and someone who knows what they're doing both in the kitchen and front-of-house.

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                                  At least the new (again) owner has a decent track record.

                            1. Porterhouse in Little Canada would fit your bill here too. There are so many classics in this town already mentioned, but people seem to overlook that one and they really do a nice job.
                              Capital Grill has more manageable portions, but the prices are also more on par with Manny's.

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                                I've been to Porterhouse a few times, and was just there on Sunday night. They do an alright job. The meal started with a caesar salad that looked like it came out of a bag, and it probably did. A pile of lettuce, with a separate pile of croutons on the side, and a sliced soft boiled egg. It tasted fine.

                                The steak I got (ribeye) was cooked alright, much more medium than the med. rare I ordered (I was part of a group of 10, so maybe I give them a pass). The meat itself was nicely seasoned too, but the quality of the beef seems is just OK. That's the best way I can describe it. Nothing better than I could do from a steak on my grill. I did get a large portion of ribeye cap, which I consider a huge bonus, but the eye itself was nothing special. I want a steakhouse to provide more than that.

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                                  That's the thing about most of the old-fashioned steakhouses. Compared to the newer (and infinitely more expensive ones), the steaks are just Ok. You aren't going to get Manny's/Cap Grille/Ruth Cris quality. Some people will say Muarry's, but I've found their quality to have gone down in recent years too. The last time I was there I got a mouthful of gristle. It could have just been an off-night for the kitchen.

                                  Anyone been to St. Paul Grille recently? That's another classic I guess.

                              2. Axel's in Mendota (only that one). Lake Elmo Inn.

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                                  Axel's, definitely. And, only the Mendota location. Unless you prefer a bread basket instead ofr popovers.

                                2. Would you venture a little farther afield from the Twin Cities? I was going to mention The Branding Iron, in Preston, MN, which as always intrigued me when I drive by on 52, but a look at the menu seems to be more of a deep-fried pub foody fare.

                                  I hope this is allowed. Have a look at this book (Supper Clubs of the Midwest). I just ordered it. A super club in my hometown, Timmerman's, in East Dubuque, Ill., was greatly lauded by the author: http://www.amazon.com/The-Supper-Club...

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                                    I had diner at Timmerman's. High above exotic east Dubuque... it was very good.

                                  2. Also, Ranchero in Montgomery, MN, fairly close (south), and, as mentioned, Lakeside. Both are fun.

                                    1. Is this one of those threads that will run 297 messages or until every restaurant in the Twin Cities that serves a steak gets a mention? ;)

                                      1. Murray's, Mancini's and Lindy's are fine examples of old-fashioned steak house. The only one I know that's missing from that list is Cherokee Sirloin Room over in West St. Paul.

                                        For me, for some ineffable reason, The Strip Club hits many of the same targets as the old-fashioned steak houses, but with better food and drink.

                                          1. I'm afraid to even ask this, but would anyone recommend Nye's? I'm guessing probably more kitsch than cuisine.

                                            I'm new in Minneapolis and looking for the same thing for my husband's birthday on Saturday.

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                                              I'd easily recommend Nye's, but not for steak.