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Dec 27, 2013 04:58 PM

Veggie appetizers

I enjoyed looking at the veggie appetizer entry, but it seems that more and more the term vegetarian is used to mean vegan. Many of the items had cheese or eggs in them and one was even pictured with ham on the plate. I think someone is missing something. Could Chow not come up with a list of all-veggie items? I have no objections to cheesy dips, but would welcome more and more totally veggie ideas.

an omnivore

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  1. Fried potatoes with romesco sauce
    Crostini with zucchini butter(you can use a substitute) and an oven dried tomato
    Crostini with beet hummus and roasted pistachios
    Hollowed out cucumber stuffed with hummus
    Caponata stuffed baby potato
    Olive, cucumber and onion Stuffed cherry tomatoes ( a riff on a Greek salad minus feta but always better with feta)

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      I believe the OP was referring to the CHOW gallery of suggested apps, which is an appropriate topic for this board. Otherwise, his/her comments, and your post, belong on the Home Cooking or Vegan/Vegetarian Board, not on Site Talk.

    2. In addition to various vegetarian recipe galleries (which do include egg and dairy), we have a few vegan ones. For example, here's a gallery with links to 50 vegan recipes:

      Hope this helps, and thanks!
      Dave MP