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Dec 27, 2013 12:49 PM

Sunday Lunch spot near Vanves?

Mes Cher Houndies. Bman and I are ensconced here for our 10th Noel, (full report to follow, I promise) and we are meeting friends to make our semi-annual stroll through Vanves in search of inexpensive goodies. Anyone know a decent spot out that way for lunch? Mille Merci. Your guidance, as always, is enriching our holiday immeasurably. Bon Fêtes et bon Fin d'Année à tous!

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  1. Very recent thread that might give you some options:

    Plus an add: Le Timbre Poste on the rue Rouget de Lisle in Malakoff on the other side of the Péripherique... just a 10-minute stroll from the Puces de Vanves...decent trad café-resturant... no fireworks but had a surprisingly enjoyable lunch there last month with an old uni friend now working at an economics institute in Malakoff.... open 7/7 so a good bet for Sunday when most other places are closed.

    If Saturday, Le Petit Pan on the rue Rosenwald is worth considering... too far (1.5 km) for an easy walk if encumbered with your flea market treasures but just a 5-min taxi ride (from the even-number side of the boulevard Brune).

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      Thanks much Parnassien... Can't believe I committed the rookie mistake of not searching the Board first. Have done the Odeon Route before, too but thanks for the Timbre suggestion which sounds like just the kind of place we would like.