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Dec 27, 2013 09:16 AM

Need restaurant recommendations in West Pasco County

I have elderly parents coming to visit soon, and I need restaurant recommendations in Pasco County. The only restaurants I like in Pasco are all Asian, which my parents won't eat. Their favorite restaurant is the Cracker Barrel, if that gives you an idea of their preferred cuisine. Last time they were here, we tried Nico's (not good) and Catches (just ok).

The requirements are further complicated by the fact that my father has limited mobility and must be able to use his scooter or a wheelchair. They also tire easily, so an hour trip into South Pinellas or Tampa is out of the question. The area along US 19 from Tarpon Springs up to Spring Hill is really our area. I was thinking maybe Benedetto's in Land O Lakes, but I haven't been there in years and have no idea if it's still good. Any recommendations that will keep us out of the Cracker Barrel on every trip out? Thanks in advance.

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  1. My 89 y.o. mother in law in the Brooksville area is a fan of Cracker Barrel, and I once heard her discuss how much she enjoyed an outing with a group to Kally K's at 3383 U.S. Hwy 19, Spring Hill. I went on line and found mostly good reviews, a couple of slams. Many comments about their older crowd clientel.
    I have taken out of town company to the Bayport Inn, 4835 Cortez Blvd, in the Weeki Wachee area, west of Hwy 19. I haven't been in a while.
    When I was looking up info on Kally-K's, I ran across a restaurant called the Country Cafe, 3426 Deltona Blvd., Spring Hill. Good reviews, older crowd again. I have not eaten there.
    I also checked on line and saw where the Show Palace Dinner Theater in Hudson will be doing Guys and Dolls from mid January '14 to mid Feb. '14. Is that a possible outing?
    These may be some ideas to get you started.
    Be careful of your Greek choices in Tarpon Springs.

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      Thank you, Florida Hound. I appreciate you taking the time to look up things online for me. I will certainly keep your recommendations in mind.

      1. re: Jessamyn

        Keep me posted.
        BTW, those on-line reviews did not mention mobility challenges, one way or another. So if you are heading out, I am sure a phone call ahead would give you and the restaurant some heads-up as to what to expect re: aisle space and wheelchair accomodations.

    2. Your folks might like The German Restaurant on 19 in New Port Richey. Unfortunately, there really aren't too many good places to eat in this area, i usually end up trekking to St Pete or Tampa for a good meal. They might like Bonefish Grill, there are actually quite a few decent places on Duck Slough (off 54) in the Trinity area. Good luck!