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Dec 27, 2013 08:51 AM


Just moved to Hendersonville and am starting to search out interesting places to eat. Have eaten at most of the places on Main St. Anything else that is local that I might try?

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  1. Mountain Deli (love their Cuban), West First, Flat Rock Village Bakery. Negozio's makes a pretty great sub. Umi for awesome sushi. Have never been to Mean Mr Mustard's but have always wanted to try it.

    1. In my jaded opinion, West First and Flat Rock Bakery (same owners) are really the only decent choices in H'ville. Luckily, they are not *just* decent, but very,very good! I haven't been to Umi because we have good sushi in G'ville, but I hear good things.

      Hubba Hubba has reasonably good bbq right next to Flat Rock Bakery. Highlands Inn has a Sunday brunch that , while not earth-shattering, is pretty good quality for a buffet, very nice salads grown on the property. You will not need any other food all day if you eat that buffet.

      1. Agree with danna. When compared to the vast array of very good options in Asheville, Hendersonville falls short. Way short. West First is wonderful, then beyond that there are several "decents". We go to Umi, Square Root (although I'd have to give the nod to the Brevard location), Never Blue, Mezzaluna (that can be hit/miss), Mrs. G & Me, have heard very good things about Mother Butter's, but have only been for lunch (but lunch isn't usually a good gauge for me), Hannah's for pub food, Lime Leaf, umm...that's all I can think of. But none of those will blow you away. Highland Lake Inn has been tons better than it's been in the past but I haven't been since they got a new chef. It's a special occasion place, although lunch is more reasonable. And Flat Rock Bakery (excellent) and Hubba Hubba for more casual stuff. Oh and we like Great American Hot Dog (also very casual) for hot dogs (they are grilled), burgers, fries or handmade chips (don't care for the onion rings) and fried seafood (they are from ME so it is good).

        It would help if you tell us what you've enjoyed so far and what types of food you like so that we can better direct you to something similar.

        But in all honesty, if you're looking for lots of great food, you're better off heading up to Asheville where you'll have more options than you'll probably ever get to.

        We live in Mills River and rarely go out to eat in H'ville, but for us A'ville is only 20 mins away so not much farther than H'ville.

        1. This thirteen year Henderson County resident agrees with Danna and Scirroco. West First and Flat Rock Village Bakery are the only two truly excellent restaurant choices in town. Sad, but true...

          1. two places I'm curious about in H'ville, are the resurrected Blue Water Seafood and Great American Hotdog/clamshack.

            When in the NE the first two thing seek out are whole belly clams and a good natural casing grilled hotdog!

            Any experience at either place?

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              GAH (my mother actually calls it "Gah" LOL) does do whole belly clams from time to time. They will advertise out front when they have them or you can call them and ask. The owners are really nice and helpful. Re: their name, they apparently signed some non-compete thing so can't put "seafood" in their name, hence "hot dog" (which are also good). I can't remember what brand of hot dogs they use, but they are from Lynn, MA. And I can't remember if they are natural casing or not. I do like that they are grilled vs. steamed or boiled. They also have lobster rolls. A bit pricey and likely frozen lobster meat, but any port in a storm. $13 in a traditional NE hot dog bun with some fries and cole slaw. :-) I usually get the fried scallops or lobster roll. My mom swears by their burgers. She likes burgers cooked beyond recognition (unlike me) so she likes that theirs, while well-done, are still juicy. I don't know if they will cook them less than that, we've never asked. VERY casual atmosphere.

              I haven't been to or heard anything about the resurrected Blue Water Seafood.