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Dec 26, 2013 07:53 PM

Challah Dough-Egg Noodles?

A bad cold, not enough time, you know the story...So, can I use some challah dough I have in the freezer to make egg noodles for my chicken soup? The doughs for challah and egg noodles are probably substantially similar, I figure. I'm thinking to try it, but has anyone tried this before and ended up with a terrible result?

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  1. i've never tried it, but i don't think i ever would. i'd be concerned that the end result would be too doughy for the challah - not quite a noodle, not quite a matzo ball, not quite a dumpling.

    1. Similar ingredients, much different proportions. And I would guess there's also yeast in the challah dough.

      1. In a word, no.

        Pasta dough has no leavening and bread does.

        1. Challah dough has yeast and noodles have no leavening, as another poster has pointed out. So no you can't make noodles from it.

          But there's no reason why you could not try making steamed bread dumplings from the challah dough - bring the dough to room temp, allow to rise, and then make dumplings. Just make them small and drop them into simmering soup. My mom's recipe for chicken and dumplings using baking powder-leavened dumplings instructs to drop the dumplings on the soup by spoonfuls, cook slowly uncovered for ten minutes, then covered for ten minutes.

          If you do try this please report back. I'd like to know how yeasted challah dumplings work out!

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            I LOVE the idea of challah dumplings as well! For better or worse, I went to the store and grabbed some egg noodles. The dish is already somewhat labor intensive with shredding the chicken ( and I will freely admit to being pooped from this cold. It's definitely on the list, though!

          2. The bread dough won't make noodles or dumplings (yeast problem).

            Instead roll out the dough in long thin strips, cut in 1/2" pieces, bake on sheet pans until crisp.

            Toss the challah croutons in the hot chicken soup just before serving.

            I often make challah croutons with the excess dough and serve both in soup and on salad